GO Mag's Exclusive Post-Show Interview With Dani!
by GO Magazine Staff
December 19, 2007
Dani Campbell dishes post-show with GO!

How did it feel when Tila didn’t choose you? You stood there for so long!
At this point I'm feeling a lot better since I've had time to get over the fact that Tila didn't chose me. It was really difficult to keep my feelings inside, I couldn't talk to anybody because of the confidentiality factor. I had to do a lot of self-healing.

Are you in love with Tila?

Were you confident or nervous during the final decision? Tell us how it felt.
I still had the same amount of confidence going into the finale, but I also knew it was a 50/50 chance I was winning or losing.

Have you ever been in love?
I'm not sure what "in love" means anymore. I've definitely loved,  but since nothing has lasted, I guess the right girl is still out  there.
What was with some of those outfits…and the makeup? I thought the producers agreed to let you do your own thing!
No pressure. It's fun to play dress up once in a while, and since everybody was so excited for the finale (filming time) I just let the makeup girls have their fun. It looks odd I know;)

Do you see a future for Bobby and Tila? Are you heartbroken?
I don't think those two will last. I didn't get close enough to Tila to be too heart broken. I was hurt, but I'm ok now.

When did you officially finish filming? Was it hard to keep the secret all these months?

Finished in the beginning of September. It was a little difficult at  first, but it was actually fun to be able to tease my friends.
When was the last time you saw Tila?

When we hugged after the finale. I did see her at the reunion. [Which will be broadcast on MTV next week]
Do you know why Tila isn't doing a second season? Are she and Bobby still dating?
No idea.

Who was a different person around Tila than around the other people in the house?
Vanessa. She was painting crazy pictures when with us, and then daisies and tulips when with Tila. She was funny and all, but a little too much drama for me.

What do you think of the public's response to the show? Has there been negative feedback?

The public has responded better than expected. I'm a little shocked actually. I've seemed to draw fans from all genres! Gay, straight, bi, newlygay, danigay, black, white, aliens....yes E.T. loves me.
Did you ever feel like the show was exploiting all that girl-on-girl action?
No. The girls took care of that themselves;)

How do you respond to critics that are saying that Tila's bisexuality was a stunt? Do you believe her?

Critics schmitics. I believe Tila is bisexual. People like to stir the pot if ya know what I mean.
In many of the online extras there was a lot more political discussion about sexuality then there was in the actual show. Were there a lot of those types of discussions in the house?
There were in the beginning, but then everyone started seeing each other as people rather than men or women, gay or straight, penis or vagina.

Who was the most different on television versus how they acted in the house?
What you see is what you get folks. I will say that Domenico, my  buddy, is sooo sweet, and you really didn't get to see a lot of that.

Who was the funniest person in the house?
Domenico by far!

Where did you watch the finale?
New Moon in Wilton Manors, FL
If you could create your own reality show what would it be about?
Like the Hills, but all gay all day!
What are your plans for the future?
I'm really focusing on my new clothing line,  Futch Apparel. My business partner, Kristy Velasco and I want to be launched by mid next year. I am really excited that the show has placed me in a position to be  a role model to young people and older alike. It seems that people just want to know how I portray such confidence in myself, and how I stay so positive. If I could change someone's life for the better by just being myself then I am happy to do so.

Would you ever do another reality show? Any one in particular?
Definitely! Sooooo much fun.

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