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Thursday, February 11, 2016
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February 13, 2016 at Bossanova Ballroom, $8
INFERNO: The Love Party Come celebrate love with us! It's that time of year again! When love and poems and roses win. Love for life, family, and lovers alike, we'll come together to dance and drink and fun away the night. Don't miss DJ Lauren as she opens our night with the good... (continued)
February 16, 2016 at Mayo Street Arts, See Website for registration
Come Learn to Swing Dance every Tuesday at Mayo St. Arts. If you've never stepped foot on a dance floor or if your looking to improve your skills in Lindy Hop and Charleston we have a variety of classes to choose from. It's fun, athletic, social and a great learning environment. Check our... (continued)
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Dinah Vegas 2016
Kate Clinton at RVCC Theater