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June 6, 2016 at Women's Museum of California, Free
In A Feminist in the White House, Doreen Mattingly, Professor of History at San Diego State University, draws on Costanza's personal papers to shed light on the life of this fascinating and controversial woman. Mattingly chronicles Costanza's dramatic rise and fall as a public figure, from her initial popularity to her ultimate clashes with Carter and his aides. While Costanza challenged Carter to support abortion rights, gay and lesbian rights, and feminist policies, Carter faced increased pressure to appease the interests of emerging Religious Right, which directly opposed Costanza's ideals. Ultimately, marginalized both within the White House and by her fellow feminists, Costanza was pressured to resign in 1978.
June 9, 2016 at University of California San Diego Faculty Club, Free
The Animal Legal Defense Fund, a national nonprofit organization that protects animals through the legal system, will discuss its ongoing efforts to free captive orcas around the country at University of California’s San Diego Faculty Club. “Empty the Tanks: Legal Strategies to Protect Orcas” will feature the Animal Legal Defense Funds’ Senior Counsel for Wildlife and Regulatory Affairs Carney Anne Nasser, Staff Attorney Chris Berry, and lobbyist and former Chair of the California Coastal Commission Sara Wan.
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