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A "Boulder" of an Album: How Bitch Brought Ferron’s Groove Back
Most of this new queer generation has never heard of Ferron. I had never heard of Ferron until Bitch announced that she was producing a record of her classics and recording it in her RV (parked outside Ferron’s backyard in the Michigan woods). Not even Bitch knew of Ferron’s music until Ani Di Franco introduced her to the legend a few years ago. Ultimately, Bitch took it upon herself to re-introduce Ferron to today’s queer youth. From there, Boulder was born, becoming the musical highlight of this crazy, hazy summer. Watching Bitch and Ferron perform together at the Boulder CD release show at the Highline Ballroom back in May reminded me how far women have come on the queer musical spectrum. Ferron went from being a homeless teen to famed Canadian folkie to beloved dykon. Bitch created her career as indie artist/ poet almost ten years ago, from being the witchy ½ of Bitch & Animal to fronting new band The Exciting Conclusion to starting her own record label (Short Story Records).  After the show, I watched in awe as Bitch and Ferron loved their fans- shaking hands, hugging tightly, laughing loudly, and smiling widely. What stood before me were not rockstar dyke divas, but magical, musical poet womyn with a melodious message: "change will come, and it's going to start with a song". That spark of healing and revolution is especially heard in Bitch’s production of Boulder. Boulder is breathtaking and heartbreaking. Not breathtaking in the way straight girls clutch at their hearts while watching The Notebook, but in an “I’m part of something bigger than me, than we” breathtaking. Not heartbreaking as in sorrow or unrequited love pain, but in a nostalgic sense of our struggles as sisters, daughters, friends, and lovers. As classic as these songs are (they range from 1976- 2004), Bitch’s new dimension of sound breathed new life into them. Ferron’s signature soulful voice with Bitch’s back-up vocals, violin/viola/ cello/bass playing, and contributions from Ani Di Franco, Samantha Parton, JD Samson, and the Indigo Girls make Boulder nothing short of a Sapphic symphony. Ferron’s old songs (re)sung on Boulder sound remarkable and relevant, so here and so now. How can I describe it better than this, well enough to do it the justice it deserves? Listening to Boulder is listening to a stone butch grandmother tell the story of her life, your life, your girlfriend’s life, around campfire. It is being on a musical mountaintop and taking the deepest breath ever. It is the revolution Emma Goldman would have danced to. Boulder is elder wisdom, torch in the dark, feminist manifesto, soulful sanctuary, faced demons, re-memory, and queer romance wrapped up in an album of 12 amazing tracks. From such poetic gems as  “Souvenir" to “Girl on a Road” to “In the Meantime” , there is a longing that stirs inside the listener’s ear and heart, recalls a time in all our lives when we were whole, broken, seeking, and finding. In short, Boulder is a testament to life and loss, and the little bits of love we encounter in between. It is Ferron’s best album to date, and Bitch’s masterpiece yet. "If music be a boulder, let me carry it a long while.” Thank goddess Bitch helped carry the load by bringing Ferron’s groove back.  With Boulder, Bitch (re)introduced an important dykon elder/music legend to today’s queer youth, reminding us all how far we’ve come since Stonewall, since heterosexual male-dominated music ruled the charts. In producing her idol’s new album, Bitch reinforced the need to honor the foremothers that have paved the road for us and soundtracked our herstory along the way. Bitch and Ferron’s dynamic (onstage, off, an on Boulder) shows not only how song and shared politics bridge an age gap, but how music is the universal language of understanding- and how beautiful their understanding is. Their art is a gift that keeps giving- and what a present Bitch and Ferron delivered with Boulder.   To check out all things Bitch, visit www.bitchmusic.com / www.myspace.com/bitchmusic To become a B+TEC fan: www.myspace.com/bitchtecfans To order a copy of Boulder: www.shortstory.com To check out more on Ferron: www.ferrononline.com
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GO's 6th Annual Where-To Guide To NYC
We present you with GO’s Top 10s of the best of NYC (in no particular order)...
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Los Angeles Pride
Another year, another Los Angeles Pride weekend has come and gone.  Friday marked the beginning of a rainbow filled party extravaganza.  Friday evening was the notable dyke march.  I was unable to attend but the festivities were held smack dab in the middle of West Hollywood.  Not usually a fan favorite, those who went concurred very few ladies showed up to demonstrate their support.  Whether it was because of late work hours or the lack of interest in butch girls and their leather apparel, who knows?  Don’t fret the dim enthusiasm for celebrating dykeness, because later that night the girls came out in droves to Truckstop to start the Pride parties right.  Wall to wall bodies, dancing and mingling, looking hot and ready to trot. Saturday marked Dyke Day LA.  Providing a getaway from the West Hollywood scene, this took place on the eastside, Silverlake to be exact.  Perched on top a grassy knoll high above the streets, when I arrived there were far less lesbians than I expected.  There was fertility poetry, music, comedy and about 5 or so tables promoting massages, magazines, spankings, etc.  Most of those in attendance at that time had brought picnics and their children.  These are of course all the lesbians who plan on taking full advantage of the recently passed right to marriage law.  I can’t even find a date, let alone think of starting a family, but good for them.  As you can assume, my stay was short lived.  Apparently though as the day progressed, so did the crowd.  The numbers grew and the entertainment shifted to enjoyable.  That night the ladies of FUSE threw a Pride party at a very straight bar called Republic.  We were only designated the upstairs area and to my disappointment, there was no regulation of the Mr. McStraighties from coming upstairs to gawk at us ladies.  We did not need any additional bodies, the place was tight, cramped and packed.  We were seeping from all areas.  The music was loud which made conversation null and void.  It was a good try though and had a nice turnout.  Even Kate Moennig and Clea Duvall were camped out at a table with friends inside.  Although advertised as the only girl event that night, Shannon K. launched a new Sizzling Saturday party at Club Seven.  Lord knows we need a constant Saturday function, rather than the sporadic soirées once or twice a month.  Sunday, Santa Monica Blvd. was completely shut down to host the parade.  Filled with scantily clad men and women, who sparkled more than the lights in Vegas, there were tons of colorful floats pumping loud dance music and rowdy marching groups chanting approving cheers for all things gay.  I feel like there were less people garnishing the streets as in previous years, but nevertheless it was a jovial and fun crowd.  The whose-who of lesbians migrated to the Normandy Room afterwards.  When the ruckus simmered down over there, the girls moved the party to the Abbey, which is a Pride tradition.    I only checked out the actual Pride festival on Sunday night when Olivia Newton-John was the headliner.  As one could image it was filled with booths giving away hordes of free merchandise including flavored lube, key chains and more.  Don’t forget the wide selection of fair foods one can ingest at such an event.  I partook in some chicken on a stick, an egg roll and of course funnel cake.  Olivia rocked, but remember that is coming from a huge fan, I am a bit bias.  I got there a little early and was able to see Kimberly Locke perform as well.  Saturday night’s main attraction was Joss Stone, who I’m sure, was just as pleasing. It was a great weekend all around.  Pride is definitely something to look forward to every year.  Now it is time to detox and take a breather.  Who am I kidding?  I'll be back in the regularly scheduled action tomorrow.
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Cha Cha and Dyke Night @ Toast Lounge, July 20th, 2007
Kristen Porter adds lesbian flair to her Friday Dyke Nights.  The event is hosted at Toast Lounge, right outside of Boston and runs from 9pm-2am.  To bring in the ladies in early on July 20th, Liz Nania of Out to Dance will be instructing a Cha Cha dance lesson.  This is the second lesson of the summer for Liz, after the first class reached capacity quickly.  Registration begins at 8:30pm, so be sure to get there early and reserve your spot.  No partner is necessary to enjoy learning this sexy Cuban dance and the $10 cover takes care of the whole night.  After you get your new steps down, be sure to stay so DJ Kris Kono can put them to the test!  The music is sure to impress, as Kris has spun for Aqua Girl Miami, Vixen in P-Town, Rise, and a number of pride events.
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The Neighborhood @ Midway Cafe Saturday, July 14th, 2007
"The Neighborhood" is a newer Boston event that is hosted at Midway Cafe and promoted by X Gender Productions and Chubrub Productions.  DJ D'Hana mixes it up with pop, new wave and electronic music from 9pm-2am.  The night also donates a portion of the proceeds to a queer/trans positive non-profit to keep the "neighborhood" going.
Tagged on February 15, 2008