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Chicago Lesbian Takeover!
For some reason nothing really goes on for girls on Saturday nights in Chicago.  And when I refer to not much going on I’m speaking of Saturday lesbian nightlife.  Something happens where bar owners just don’t want to give their Saturdays to lesbians. Another thing happens where lesbian cliques organize their own little get-togethers at wherever and so the roller derby girls go Subterranean and the gay Latina girls to another place that they never invite me to and the jockbe-ans go to someone’s house and play bags that they never invite me to either, and so here I am left with nothing to do and nowhere to go.  Where’s the unity my friends? Where?  And so I got to thinking about this issue and my brain said, “this must be stopped.” And then my stomach said to my brain to say, “I could eat a steak taco right about now,” not that tacos have anything to do with lesbians. Or do they? Sicko. With these thoughts in mind, one of my friends and I decided to organize Chicago’s first ever lesbian takeover. We had to pick the right place- it couldn’t be a bar too straight that would scare the ladies away. (A few weeks ago I tried to organize a gay beach takeover, but everyone refused to come due to a potential abundance of boys playing with balls) and of course scorned me for such an idea.  Of course the scorn I received proved valid when one of my friends happened to get hit in the head by a football that day.  I went home and sulked.  Anyhow, we decided to LTO Minibar- a cute, little, posh (even though I very much dislike that word) and full of gay men, bar that (hopefully) wouldn’t be too upset about our, “uprising.”  The day of the LTO arrived and I texted all the gay girls I knew to come out. Not a single one had responded to my text.  I started feeling a little insecure and of course, got to thinking about why no one responded. “Maybe girls think I’m a serial cat killer,” “Maybe I’m too short.” “Is it cause I’m Asian?” “Why do people always tell me to eat hamburgers?”   9pm rolled around and no one showed up to the pre-planned pre-drinking.  As I recall, I didn’t even show up. I don’t even know how I know that no one showed up since I wasn’t even there to show how knows pigs nose.  Did you recognize that that last sentence there is a nursery rhyme?  My fear that no one would show continued rather continuously. 11pm rolled around and my text inbox started going mad! I received one entire text that said, “Are you there yet?”  It was a text miracle!  Then girls start showing up, including 3 jockbe-ans, 0 roller derby girls, 2 gay Latina girls, and about 30 other types of dykes that I will not categorize at the moment due to laziness.  The gay men were confused, or so I heard. The LTO was a success even after my fearful hour of mind spent thinking I was going to LTO by myself.  I spent much of the night dancing/ and or yelling, “LTO!! We made it!!” only to receive shushing looks from my fellow dykes. Oh well.  Overall it was a fun night. It turns out the end of this story is rather inconclusive. Oops. I’m going to eat a hot dog now.
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Sweet November
Until one lives in New York, she might not necessarily consider Halloween to be a "big" holiday. After all, we're all still at work that day, kids still have to go to school and nobody throws any Halloween sales. In New York, however, Halloween is synonymous with, well, debauchery, belligerence, and a whoooooole lot of glitter. This year, with Halloween on a Wednesday, the parties started this past weekend, continued through the holiday and will spill in to this upcoming weekend. In a less-than-halloween mood, however, my weekend started on Saturday night at Sea Thai at 116 n. 6th St. in Williamsburg. The food was fantastic, semi-authentic, and in the $10-$25 range for entrees. Others reviewers had complained of noise and poor service and, while the live DJ was pumping out some mad loud beats, it just put me in a posh downtown mood and got me ready for the rest of the night. The service was great, totally ready to take care of our needs (including when two of our dishes got mixed up) and the food came out hella fast.  Afterwards, we threw on some glitter and rolled down to the Levee at 212 Berry Street and N. 3rd also in Williamsburg. Dark and unassuming, the Levee can boast about a few things: First, $3 buys one a shot of whiskey and a beer. Second, one can mow down on a variety of midnight snacks- PB&J, frito pie, cheese balls, chili dogs... hell yeah. Third, they have naked photo hunt. That's right- while you eat your chili dog and throw back some whiskey, you can stare hard at some naked ladies. Try (real hard) to identify the differences between two nudie pics to get to the next level. No matter how hard you stare at her boobs, however, the differences usually lie in the plant she's sitting next to. Halloween night found me covered in green and blue glitter with tin foil alien antennae- ready to roam the alternate universe known as... Bleeker Street. With my Zorro friend leading the way, I weaved through some pretty impressive costumes and some pretty naked girls. Of course, I'm not one to begrudge a pair of thigh highs and a pretty decolletage, but when it comes to Halloween- these outfits are scary for the wrong reasons. Luckily, there were a few ladies rocking some creative disguises- a stick of bubblegum being my favorite. And, finally, on to this weekend... my calendar is still in the works as there are just so many fun things happening so I thought i'd just throw out some suggestions: Friday, Nov. 2 ********************* Trash!, Rififi (332 E. 11th St), 10pm fishnets, black minis, dark makeup, live djs, $7 drinks, no cover before 11pm ($5 after), hot hot hot dancing. A near guarantee of getting your pic on lastnightsparty.com... *************** Saturday, Nov. 3 **********************  Takeover, BAM (30 Lafayette Ave Brooklyn), 7pm  Five bands, sixteen movies, three DJ’s, two art installations and a couple thousand of your closest friends. Plus cheap beer! Bands include The Heartless Bastards, Antibalas, Be Your Own Pet, Dirty on Purpose, and the Exit. Also: a screening of several of Lindsay Lohan's early films and live djs till 4 in the morning! YEAHH! ********************** Bitch and the Exciting Conclusion, Joe's Pub (425 Lafayette STREET), 9:30pm and 11:30pm Formerly the lead singer of Bitch and Animal, Bitch has now joined up with partner Danielle Sea to form "Bitch and the Exciting Conclusion". The new music resonates with all of the grit and raw energy of Pussy Manifesto and Black Eyed Girl but with a stronger emphasis on the open and emotional sounds of Traffic, Heavy in Love and Miss My My Dear. Still not convinced she's for you? She plays the violin, the piano and the ukelele in her shows. If you liked her in Shortbus, you'll love her on stage. ********************** Sunday, Nov. 4 ********************** Garrison Starr, Highline Ballroom (431 W 16th St), 8:00pm "If you like that Nashville sound; if you are into singer/songwriters; if you just dig good music, then Garrison Starr is for you."-AtlantaShows.com ********************** Autumn Groove: "It's a Poetic Art Thang", CattyShack, 4pm Featured Artists Angela Daniels& Portraits of Black Love. Spoken Word By General Tactics. Hosted By William Fredrick Cooper, Author/Poet “Six Days In January” And “There’s Always a Reason” ***********************
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