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Hot Town in the City
Didnít pay your deposit on that share in the Hamptons in time? Between the extreme humidity and the crowds of tourists, itís no wonder New Yorkers treat Friday afternoons like the Exodus. But for those who canít beat the heat, revel in it and check out all the fun summer activities NYC has to offer.
Tagged on July 9, 2008
GO's 6th Annual Where-To Guide To NYC
We present you with GOís Top 10s of the best of NYC (in no particular order)...
Tagged on July 9, 2008
The 2008 Dyke March
Pictures from this year's Dyke March In NYC!
Tagged on July 3, 2008
Dykes On Mics
The Ladies took to the stage this past Monday for the 1st ever Dykes On Mics. Jackie Monahan, Leah Dubie, Amy Beckerman and Gloria Bigelow are the self proclaimed Dykes who made this show possible. The weekly show takes place in the upstairs room at the Rubyfruit Bar and Grill every Monday at 8pm (531 Hudson St. New York, NY. Between W. 10th and Charles) With no cover and very funny ladies you really can’t go wrong. Come and check out some of your favorite comics as they work on new material and fine tune some their classic comedy bits. Not your typical comedy show, Dykes On Mics has a homey, take off your shoes and get comfortable kind of feel. This past Monday was hosted by Leah Dubie and featured Kendra Cunningham who also doubled as the bartender, Shawn Hollenbach was representing the boys, Amy Beckerman talked about her attempts with heterosexuality, Anne Neczypor had the room in stitches with a dramatic reading of a recent email, Jackie Monahan gave us Katherine Hepburn like you’ve never seen before and Gloria Bigelow closed out the show with incite into the world of black gay rage. What can I say gay girls know how to make people giggle. Come on out and support these very funny ladies next Monday, the 19th. You never know who might you see. Oh and this week I’ll be hitting the stage so don’t miss it.
Tagged on February 15, 2008
Free Life Campaign 10/27