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The L Word Gets Back to Basics in Season Six.
I’m hung over on a Monday morning, which can only mean the new season of The L Word has begun. This being a final season hang over, you will have to bear with me through this. I woke up this morning with a vague recollection of last night’s premiere. Apparently Jenny got shot? Who saw that one coming huh? As riveting as that whole plot line insists it is, what drew me into last nights episode was it’s refreshing renewed commitment to the basics of lesbian politics. First we check back in with the ol’ standards Bette and Tina. Remember how they have a child? Being one of the only portrayals of lesbian parenting on television, Bette and Tina have been shouldered the responsibility of showing the world that two mom’s are better than one. However, counting the number of times baby Angelica is onscreen during prior seasons would amount to the slowest drinking game on the books. Season six delivers a Bette and Tina who have left their philandering ways behind in order to play socio-political lesbian parents. I for one was thrilled to see Bette give the ER receptionist an ear full when confusion ensued over how many mommies Angelica had, reminding us that indeed, Bette IS black and that lesbian parenting IS hard. Activism covered by Bette, left Shane, Jenny and that other girl to explore another stalwart of the lesbian condition, the “best friends meet the girl who comes between triangle”. It seems Shane feels real bad that she’s Shane all of a sudden since this time the victim of her faux butch stylings is her dear friend Jenny. Although tuff Shane only likes t-shirts and heterosexual women, she is a delicate flower inside who feels terrible for coming between Jenny and her poor choice in women. I’m ready for Shane to get over it. Sorry Shane, you’re gay. It’s your birthright, and furthermore, you’re responsibility to fight anyone over a girl, especially your best friend. Now Tasha and Alice, they’re in the middle of the classic “we can’t let go of this relationship even though we aren’t happy together so we’re just going to flirt with other women to see who breaks first”. Oh and I’m sorry, Papi’s back? Um…okay? Anyway, Alice got caught flirtin’ which demanded a riveting “Sure I took her number but I’m not going to call her.” performance from Leisha Hailey. That relationship has nowhere to go but down. But I’ll watch Leisha go any which way, thank you. Yes, it was a treat to see 44 minutes of revolutionary programming jam packed with the true to life perils of lesbian life. We’ve missed you so ladies, welcome back.
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