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The L Word Series Finale Leaves it all to the Imagination
I wish I could tell you that what happened last night was not actually The L Word series finale. I wish I could tell you that the characters and storylines developed over six years met with a sense of closer. I WISH, that last night’s extended episode wasn’t a half-assed “who dun it?” that failed to answer anyone’s questions. But, no one really cared who killed Jenny anyway and if you’re like me, you’ve learned long ago not to look to The L Word for content and character development. We tune into the show for different reasons, mostly because watching straight girls make out is hot. Watching the show in a crowded lesbian bar is akin to what I imagine happens when a frat house holds porn night. We’re all just hanging around till the next racy scene and The L Word faithfully delivers a little something for everyone, knife play from Helena and Dylan, routine relationship sex from Bette and Tina, dirty cheater sex from Shane and Nikki…We have the show to thank for bringing the image of sexually autonomous women, expressing themselves outside the heterosexual dichotomy prevalent on television. At least that’s what I told myself as I watched the series flounder to a close. We were handed a few gems; Alice telling Jamie and Tasha were to stick it, Max’s fake mustache and his “framily” love, Bette and Tina finally deciding to stay together, and best of all, Shane figuring out that Jenny is horrible enough to break up with. Molly finally served a purpose when she showed up to tip Shane off on Jenny’s trickery. Shane finds the letter from Molly that Jenny never passed on along with the film negative of Lez Girls. At least we got the opportunity to hate Jenny one more time before she selfishly died (alone?) (in the pool?) (who cares?)  dragging the entire cast down to the station for interrogation from Xena Warrior Princess. And then…it was over. Does Tasha end up with Jamie? Does Alice move on? Does Max give up the baby? Does Bette stay faithful? Does Dylan sue Helena again? Now we’ll never know. I’m not sure The L Word had the responsibility to answer those questions for us though. The show had a responsibility to show that lesbians are a growing and reliable audience, that viewers are hungry for queer characters they can relate too, and that Jennifer Beals is still hot. Job well done ladies, job well done.
Tagged on March 10, 2009
L Word Recap: Cheaters Never Prosper On The L Word Episode 6
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, someone once said. They we're obviously not a lesbian. After two weeks away in London, I noticed strange new feelings while catching up with the ladies of The L Word. Where I used to experience rage at the sight and sound of Jenny Schecter, I found myself thinking funny thoughts like; "Jenny is an interesting character" and “Jenny says hilarious things.” Maybe she won me over when she called Max a "Mom-Dad". All told, I seem to be moving through Jenny hate straight onto Jenny appreciHate. The thing is she is a complex character, perhaps the only one on the show, and she does retain her fleshed out history throughout her interactions. Her multi-faceted character is written in a way that allows her to be hated by so many people for various reasons at once; the central narrative for Season 6, so it isn't a stretch to believe any of them could want her dead. Without Jenny, who would of thrown Max a Willy Wonka baby shower? It is perhaps the best idea anyone has ever had and I am pretty sure that Max should wear that costume ALL the time. It looked oddly fitting on him. The shower turned sour when Bette and Tina had to bring up the horrid fact of pregnancy; torn vaginas. At a baby shower full of lesbians, I doubt Max would be the only one hyperventilating over the horrors of childbirth. I get short of breath just sitting here. Stuck with their own childbirth issues, Bette and Tina find out they cannot adopt a baby in the state of Nevada as gay parents. The only logical thing to do then is to bring the pregnant girl to live with the two of them so she can give birth in California. Sure, no problem, I'm sure that will go off without a hitch. Oh wait, here's one, Bette has already been caught in a compromising position with her new business partner Kelly. Sure, Bette avoided Jessie Spano's advances this once, but they were caught on camera (by guess who…) having what looked like a good time and that's fine with me because it's only a matter of time before Bette breaks anyway. Speaking of the other woman, it's about time someone came between Alice and Tasha. Jamie, the hot counselor who likes to take her shirt off, seems well equipped to do the job. It always seemed logical that Alice and Tasha would end in cheating, but I did not see the ol' lesbian couple fighting over hot single friend routine coming. But who will win the Jamie prize? So far Tasha's in the lead with her police officer father sob story. Does Alice have anything up her sleeve besides fake vegetarianism? Or does she really need anything besides her blatant hotness?  Hopefully, we will find out next week, when we'll also find out if Jenny can continue to user her physic telepathic Exorcist-like powers of devil-crazy to make Shane projectile-vomit when trying to cheat.
Tagged on February 24, 2009
The L Word Keeps us Guessing In Episode 2.
I’ve just had a tasty waffle for breakfast. My beautiful waffle was offered to me by my lovely friend D’arcy and as I am not a self centered jerk like Jenny Schecter, I accepted. Just two episodes in to what was supposed to be a Jenny free season and I am tempted to use up the next 3 paragraphs outlining how very much I dislike her. Lucky for Jenny, Elizabeth Berkley’s guest spot began last night so I have much more important things to talk about. Jessie Spano jazz danced her way into the hearts of budding American lesbians in the early nineties. In fact it was her who starred in my first dream about kissing a girl, Zach Morris was there too, God was that confusing. Elizabeth Berkley resurfaced last night as Bette’s college roommate which sounds like one hot pocket to me. Honestly, I couldn’t hear that much of the dialogue during her and Bette’s reunion over the cat calls from the dykes on the patio. What I did take away was that Elizabeth looks h-o-t with straightened hair and that Bette is about to go triflin’ again even though she and Tina want another baby. They’ve done so well at proving responsible lesbian parenting already haven’t they? Even Max is considering queer parenting after he “accidentally” got impregnated by his boyfriend. I don’t know why Max thought his testosterone injections would stop his reproductive organs when they haven’t even managed to drop his voice yet. While the general reaction to Max’s pregnancy has been a resounding “wtf?”, I’m excited to see where the story goes. Perhaps, with Max’s integrity, a better picture of queer parenting can be painted, but please god he needs to learn how to trim his beard or that’s going to be one scared newborn… Also of importance is Alice and Tasha’s breakup pro/con list they created. I would really like to know any of the reasons on the pro list because I genuinely have no idea why Alice wants to stay with her. Their couples counseling was worth every penny considering their therapist told them to give it up already prompting them to have “we know we aren’t right for each other” sex in the parking lot. I sure missed Dirty Alice. Oh and apparently, Jenny is in love with Shane now? I don’t know if I can stand it all. I echo Nikki’s poorly delivered sentiment, “You’re dead meat Schecter!”
Tagged on January 26, 2009
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