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The L Word Keeps us Guessing In Episode 2.
I’ve just had a tasty waffle for breakfast. My beautiful waffle was offered to me by my lovely friend D’arcy and as I am not a self centered jerk like Jenny Schecter, I accepted. Just two episodes in to what was supposed to be a Jenny free season and I am tempted to use up the next 3 paragraphs outlining how very much I dislike her. Lucky for Jenny, Elizabeth Berkley’s guest spot began last night so I have much more important things to talk about. Jessie Spano jazz danced her way into the hearts of budding American lesbians in the early nineties. In fact it was her who starred in my first dream about kissing a girl, Zach Morris was there too, God was that confusing. Elizabeth Berkley resurfaced last night as Bette’s college roommate which sounds like one hot pocket to me. Honestly, I couldn’t hear that much of the dialogue during her and Bette’s reunion over the cat calls from the dykes on the patio. What I did take away was that Elizabeth looks h-o-t with straightened hair and that Bette is about to go triflin’ again even though she and Tina want another baby. They’ve done so well at proving responsible lesbian parenting already haven’t they? Even Max is considering queer parenting after he “accidentally” got impregnated by his boyfriend. I don’t know why Max thought his testosterone injections would stop his reproductive organs when they haven’t even managed to drop his voice yet. While the general reaction to Max’s pregnancy has been a resounding “wtf?”, I’m excited to see where the story goes. Perhaps, with Max’s integrity, a better picture of queer parenting can be painted, but please god he needs to learn how to trim his beard or that’s going to be one scared newborn… Also of importance is Alice and Tasha’s breakup pro/con list they created. I would really like to know any of the reasons on the pro list because I genuinely have no idea why Alice wants to stay with her. Their couples counseling was worth every penny considering their therapist told them to give it up already prompting them to have “we know we aren’t right for each other” sex in the parking lot. I sure missed Dirty Alice. Oh and apparently, Jenny is in love with Shane now? I don’t know if I can stand it all. I echo Nikki’s poorly delivered sentiment, “You’re dead meat Schecter!”
Tagged on January 26, 2009