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Crosses, Porn Shops, Fire works and Ammunition! (my trip from NYC to LA)
I have been heading cross-country for the 4th time in 3 years, not for a casual vacation but for the fast four day commute from NYC to LA.  Unlike most I love it.  Alone with nothing but my diet coke and the open road.  Each time has been different in route but has been consistent in road side advertisement.  Mixed between the signs for Indian artifacts and cave exploring the all to often porn shop with it’s live show or largest video collection seem to stand out.   According to route 66 we Americans love guns, tits, firecrackers and Jesus.   I think Jesus might count twice though.  Now sitting in my hotel room just out side of Amarillo, TX I can’t help but think of an experience I had about three years ago in Indiana.  A friend and I had been living in a small town for about two months working on a two women show.  As you do in a small town in Indiana I headed out to the local bar.  I had spent about an hour or so chatting with a young man at the bar when I told him that my roommate was Allis.  He’s response was out and out denial “you don’t live with her, she lives with a lesbian.”  I again said “yes I’m her roommate“.   “No she lives with a lesbian.”  It’s funny that in his mind I didn’t LOOK like a lesbian so there for I couldn’t be one.  I’m not sure that I know what a person who stacks up on porn and ammunition while still going to church on Sundays looks like, but I sure as hell would be more afraid of them then someone who happened to be a lesbian.  Although I identify as an open lesbian and when asked I will always answer honestly for some reason when I hit the middle states I try to just blend.  Better to slip into the background and people watch then to cause a stir.  As a girl who has spent most of her life in large and accepting cities my heart goes out to those homosexuals who spend a lifetime blending in.  It’s all to clear that we homosexuals are not accept in middle America.  So much so that we seem to be over populating the outer most cities, such as LA, San Francisco. NYC and Miami.  With less then a day until my LA destination I can’t help but fantasize about an America that doesn’t ask me to blend in and ammunition, fireworks, porn and Jesus aren’t the most prominent attractions on a cross-country trip.
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Ashli Haynes from A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila
I got the opportunity to sit down and chat with Ashli Haynes this week.  Yes Ashli “the virgin” from MTV’s reality show A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila.  Originally from NJ, she has now made the big move to sunny LA to pursue her dreams.   Not only is she finishing up her demo, which she hopes will jump start her singing career, she also takes to stage and screen to show case her acting ability.   If that wasn’t enough, Ashli also has a budding photography career.   You can check out her photography at : http://www.myspace.com/ashli_photographi  - I though I’d start the interview off with a hard hitting question. So what was it like sleeping in the BIG bed? [Ashli] That was insane.  I’ve never done anything like that before.  I don’ t think anyone on the show has slept in a bed with that many people before.  At first it was very uncomfortable for me what with all the people and I’m very conscious of my space.  The fact that there were guys there made it even weirder.  After getting to know every one it was kind of ok and when people got narrowed down it got more comfortable.  I mean it was a HUGE bed. What about the incident between Rebecca and Steven in the bed? I know I was right next to it and I was completely clueless until the next day when Domenico was doing his thing with the bear.  I didn’t believe it, I was like “no that didn’t happen”  I mean I was right there you’d think that I would have woken up and heard something or seen something, but no.   You just came out but when did you know you where lesbian? Being young I didn’t know how to identify it.  I didn’t think in my head oh I’m gay. I was kind of always aware of who I was and my feelings.  I had my first crush on a girl when I was like nine. What was your reaction when you found out that Tila was Bi? I was surprised.  When we were walking out and we saw all the guys it didn’t dawn on me.  I didn’t know why they were there.  Then she was talking about revealing her secret and I still hadn’t gotten it.  When she said she was Bi I was like, "Wow, oh my God."  I think disappointment is too much of a strong word, but you know that’s just who she is I guess.  I kind of realized if I was going to get to know this girl and have feelings for her that being Bi just comes with the package and try to accept it.  So what’s it like being known as Ashli “the virgin”? The first thing out of people mouths is “you’re the virgin“.  They won’t even say hey Ashli.  I mean I do have a name.  I think there’s definitely worse things to be known as.  I think that’s just who I am right now obviously at some point in my life that will change.  I wont be a virgin forever. The show was kind of like your coming out.  How does it feel now being out? It feels good I just got so much support.  If I could recommend a way to come out I would recommend coming out on nation television.   If that’s what you’re ready for.  I was ready.  I was tired, I wouldn’t say of living a lie, I was just tired you know. What do you think of “HEY, GIRL HEY”? I love that saying.  I still go around saying it. Was there anyone one the show that you just didn’t like? I tried to stay out of drama and stay out of peoples way and I don’t feel like anyone necessarily did anything to me on the show. Was there anyone on the show that you just really got along with? Dani. I thought she was so charming and so sweet and so smart and just so down to earth.  Domenico is another person I loved.  He’s just a nice genuine guy. On the show you got to see something special.  What do shaved balls look like? Actually, I didn’t look.  Poor Michael I feel so bad for him. Who is your Hollywood Crush?  Alicia Keys.  I think she is so gorgeous and not only is she gorgeous she is smart and she just seems like she has this spiritual thing about her.  She is so charismatic and she seems so in tune with herself.  Oh, and she’s sooooo talented.   So yeah, I love her. On the first episode you got to wear a sexy outfit.  Are you really a girl scout? No, but my sister was.  If you where a girl scout cookie, what would you be and why? Oh wow, good question.  Umm I think I would be a thin mint because it’s sweet but refreshing.  I think I’m a sweet person but my honesty is refreshing. One last question.  Now that you’re out what kind of woman are you looking for? Someone who is honest, genuine and funny.  Someone who can make me smile.  I need someone who has their own life and is independent.  No messy codependents. There you have it folks.  Ashli’s just your average Thin Mint kind of girl.  I guess it’s only a matter of time before some lucky lady gets to take a bite.  Don't forget to check out Ashli Haynes on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/ashlihaynes
Tagged on February 15, 2008
Free Life Campaign 10/27