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We Were There May 2010
We Were There.... Were You?
Tagged on May 21, 2010
We Were There March 2010
February was a great month for nightlife events! Couldn't make it out? Here's a sneak peak of what went on!
Tagged on March 3, 2010
DJ Saratonin Brings the Party to New York
Touted as the 'master of mix', DJ Saratonin is known for her ability to read a crowd, mix indie tracks with mainstream staples, and keep a party going. Years before headlining Club Skirts at lesbian paradise Dinah Shore, Saratonin was just a 19 year old in San Francisco who wanted to spin. "I was going to a lot of great parties and kept thinking to myself I could do this, I want to do this," Sarah Alexander, aka DJ Saratonin, said in an interview. "So I talked to a lot of people, found a space, found a partner, and started up a club called Brownies for my Bitches.  I convinced my hottest friends to cook up some brownies and we passed them out at the party. I'm not sure which was more popular, the girls or the baked goods, but it worked. It's been a dozen years now. And, you know, for a girl party, to last that long, it's amazing." After this brilliant start (will someone here in New York please pair baked goods with dance music?), DJ Saratonin has gone on to spin at a host of parties and open for several acts, including Lady Gaga and Pat Benatar. She's also shared the decks with the likes of Peaches, and Tegan Quin of Tegan & Sara. "They're great, and I loved playing with them," says Sarah of her collaborations. "They're wild. I've definitely kept in touch with Tegan, she's amazing. We met up again recently when I was DJ'ing for Vancouver Pride. She introduced me to some great bars in the city there, like Lick, which is the only nightly girl bar there. It was insanely packed, and I had an incredible time playing there." This month, you can find DJ Saratonin spinning at New York parties Snapshot at the Delancey, Goldstar at Kion, and Stiletto at the Martime Hotel. What to expect from her eclectic decks? In addition to favoring A1 Bassline remixes of Little Boots and Ladyhawke, Saratonin has her finger on the pulse of other up and coming female artists. "I'm loving the new Kid Sister track Right Hand Hi," she says. "Kid Sister is one of the best female rappers in the game right now. Her brother Atrak and Kanye West have both helped to produce and rap on her albums. The collaboration has made for some amazing underground juke hip hop." When not spinning ("That hasn't happened much lately," she admits), there are some hot parties Saratonin says she'll check out when she wants an original experience. "One of my favorite parties in LA is Booby Trap!, at Temporary Spaces. It's a disco-infused indie night that has had some of the most incredible talents grace their decks." East coasters can get a taste of this when the Booby Trap! invades New York August 20th at The Legion in Williamsburg. Says Sarah, "I would suggest that anyone reading this should check it out. It's something that's not being done, completely new and fresh, and I'm very excited for it." Party advice from an awesome DJ? Say no more. DJ Saratonin will be at Snapshot at the Delancey August 11th & 19th, Goldstar at Kion August 14th, and Stiletto at the Maritime Hotel August 16th. For more information, check out www.djsaratonin.com.
Tagged on August 17, 2009
Dear Chicago Nightlife,
Dear Chicago nightlife, I miss you. I've been MIA and this is why : I've been hurting and you know what doesn’t feel good? Getting stabbed in the hair, twice. Or alternatively once in the face and then once in the hair. I mean I imagine it wouldn’t feel good. It’s never happened to me physically at least. Emotionally, yes. For me it’s been a summer of getting stabbed…in the hair.       So here I’m supposed to talk about nightlife and fun times and all that jazz.  Don’t get me wrong, I  love to do the charleston (due to lack of a good lindy hop partner) on the dance floor, drink strawberry linchburgs with extra jack,  do the the flirting and the photo taking for my nightlife site www.mizzchicago.com, but there are times when somehow I find myself stuck in soul crushing situations that get so dehydrating.  I’ve found myself stuck in a summer of heartache where girls I end up having great likes for just keep finding ways to make my hair and heart hurt a little more.  So rather than going out I just want to stay home and read about anything the opposite of lesbian. Like about donating sperm or about how to start a fantasy football team.      And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. OK no, I lied.  I hate foosball. Or football? Whatever it’s called.  Well the point of all this being, I haven’t had nightlife material to write about because of the hair and heart hurting factor.  I mean wow; I haven’t really been out since Chicago market days.  And I blame the few silly girls that caused me to become sad and avoidant of the nightlife. Well them, lots of weekend work and getting sick for two weeks. No, I’m just going to go ahead place blame on the girls. I hate them. Someone find me a good one please.Thanks! Preferably a (hot) femme one thats funny and smart. But not too funny, I dont want to get crows feet.   In fact everyone go ahead and email me with someone you know that you think would be good for me. No crazies, rebounders, snakes, vampires or atomic bombs or cartoon characters please.  Send all nominees to jenny@mizzchicago.com.      Anyhow, I’ve had to live vicariously though the lives of Jed and Alex K, my new mizzchicago.com photographers.  Thanks to them they’ve been able to capture moments I couldn’t due to heartaches or busyness. Thanks guys!      Although I’m sad the summer is over, it’s a new season and its time to get down and out.  My season of the love blues is over and I think its time to celebrate.  In fact Jenae, Chicago Dirty Girl promoter, and I are going to be throwing the dirtygirliest and mizzchicagoyiest Halloween party ever existed. Check us out its cause its going to be a gay old time: Spooky n Sweet, Friday October 31st@ spot6, 3343 N Clark.  Its going to be two floors of hotties dancing to the sounds of 4 DJs!! We've also got all sorts of giveaways including someone from our local sex shop, Batteries Not Included! No just kidding we're not giving someone away, just some cool stuff, OK? SO If you’re in Chicago come say hi.  in the meanwhile Im going to work on getting some nightlife material to write about.  summers over and i dont care, im still going out. who's gonna come have a drink with me?
Tagged on October 8, 2008
August 2008
We were there...were you?
Tagged on August 4, 2008
Free Life Campaign 10/27