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New Music: MEN
Last weekend I was standing in front the mirror, getting ready to go out dancing with a couple of gay male friends. And before I even got to my mascara, one of them was already trying to make a joke about lesbians. “What’s with dykes only liking soft rock and slow R&B from the 90s?” he quips and before he can finish, I’m shouting that it’s not true and running for my iTunes. Thanks to the new MEN EP, I have my evidence. MEN is a Brooklyn-based group that consists of JD Samson, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, and Michael O'Neill, plus Johanna Fateman and Emily Roysdon working behind the scenes as writers and producers. The group began back in December 2007, when Samson teamed up with fellow Le Tigre member Fateman to do DJing and remix projects. Eventually the duo grew into the current collective and began touring. Late last June, they released their first EP called Limited Edition Demo. The songs on it are fun, quirky and clever, with unrelenting danceable beats – I’m no fan of men, but these MEN have left me swooning and wanting more. Take the first song, “Off Our Backs,” for example. MEN borrowed the title from the historic 1970s angry feminist newspaper and have turned it into what could be a lesbian anthem: “Off our backs, and back up to lead,” they sing. “Credit Card Babie$” is my favorite on the EP. The lyrics are a sort of tongue-in-cheek, explicit musing on the problems gay couples face in having children. “I’ve gotta fuck my best, to get a little tiny baby,” they repeatedly assert and note the more expensive options: adoptions, sperm banks – “sharing our love goes on a credit card.” MEN’s music has a politics reminiscent of punk but it’s matched with a wit and pop that’s all their own. “Sontag in the crib,” they wish for at one point in “Credit Card Babie$.” Yet what first drew me to MEN was not their lyrics, but rather the incessant, dancy rhythms of the songs, the guitar- and synth-driven beats. It’s the kind of music that makes listening and sitting still an impossible combination. It’s the kind of music that my gay male friends were expecting to hear at the club when we went out that weekend. And it’s perfect for proving—to quote another project title from Samson—that yes, “dykes can dance.”  MEN on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/men Limited Edition Demo can be purchased on iTunes and in New York at Printed Matter, Inc. Look out for MEN’s two fall 2009 support tours with Gossip and Peaches.
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100 Women We Love: Class of 2006
Meet the class of 2006
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DIZZY at Galapagos Art Space - DJ JD Samson
Woke up and realized my cell phone is M.I.A. this morning ... gonna have to blame that on Williamsburg's Galapagos Art Space and the bartenders who take "make it strong" to heart. JD Samson (of Le Tigre, New England Roses, and of her own fabulous fame) spun for the DIZZY dance party until the wee morning hours, kicking off around 11pm. As a longtime fan of Le Tigre, I knew JD wouldn't disappoint, and as the club filled up with beautiful boys, bois, girls, etc., I started to get the feeling that this was going to be "one of those nights." Sure enough, I ended up on stage with my friends as soon as some New Order hit the speakers, and JD honored my request for some Joy Division a little later on (what a doll!). The main room was packed wall-to-wall with makeupped kids and hip-checks galore, and from my vantage point on the stage, I can tell you that no one in this fair city need ever worry about being forced to shake it to Hot 97 fare if they want to blow off some steam. Careening through the night with quality 80s and 90s tunes and JD's own delicious mashups, we were, as they say, in good hands. Very good hands. Check out JD's Myspace for more of her DJ sets, and take a stab at her current collaboration with Johanna Fateman, MEN, here.
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Free Life Campaign 10/27