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Music: Wire Daisies, WireDaisies (Merovingian Music/Transistor Project)
Wiredaises' latest effort!
Tagged on October 10, 2010
Music: Annie Lennox, Songs of Mass Destruction (Arista)
Review of Annie Lennox's latest album.
Tagged on October 10, 2010
Music: Sia - Some People Have Real Problems
Having recently admitted to having a girlfriend, there's little indie pop singer Sia can do to not catch our eyes and ears with her new record.
Tagged on October 10, 2010
OUTMusic Awards
Photos from the 2009 OUTMusic Awards
Tagged on December 22, 2009
New Music: MEN
Last weekend I was standing in front the mirror, getting ready to go out dancing with a couple of gay male friends. And before I even got to my mascara, one of them was already trying to make a joke about lesbians. “What’s with dykes...
Tagged on September 8, 2009
Kate Clinton at RVCC Theater