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The L Word Season 6 Premiere in NYC
Pics from the party presented by HRC and GO Magazine!
Tagged on January 19, 2009
Music: The True Colors Soundtrack
Tommy Boy/Silver Label
Tagged on July 10, 2008
New Year, New Beginnings, New Drama...
  Hello and Happy New Year NYC ladies! Like many of you, I am SO grateful to have made it through yet another holiday season and into the New Year. With 2008 comes a few different things: more time to party without holiday interruptions, a new set of resolutions (By now I’ve gone running 3 times in 2008 and, girl, my butt already looks improved) and… season 5 of The L-Word.   In celebration of the season premiere, Go Magazine and HRC hosted a sweaty, glamorous, packed dance party and screening at mega-club Pacha all the way up at 46th St. in Manhattan. I found myself a prime seat on a staircase and didn’t even pay attention to all the distractions that come with watching a TV show at a club (someone’s pointy boots digging into my back, a spilled drink that pretty much went down the back of my pants and some girl spraining her ankle…) All of my attention was consumed by the lovely ladies of West Hollywood and, of course, the searing action of what may be the last season of this fine, fine porn show. Bette and Tina are still toying with each other, Shane is still hot AND a huge player, Max is still hot tempered and in transition and Jenny, well, Jenny is still one crazy bitch.   Aside from the showing, the party was full of some darling queer celebs- Dani Campbell and Bitch (formerly of Bitch and Animal) reminded us to vote vote vote (for real, ladies, if you aren’t registered already, go to www.credomobile.com/registertovote/ and get it done in time for the November election- i MEAN it!) and gave us a little info on the fantastic HRC. Lori Michaels and her dancers added some pop vibes to the party and the always fantastic go-go girls kept our jaws steadily fixed to the floor. Just another Sunday night with the ladies…
Tagged on February 15, 2008