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Eye Candy: it's what's for brunch
It’s Sunday morning. You have mascara smeared into your pillow, a headache stronger than the double Manhattans you were drinking last night and you could swear you have never before in your life seen this girl sleeping next to you in your bed. The one true fix to the heinous aftermath of Saturday night revelry? Brunch. Really good brunch with really good looking people. First stop: ‘Snice.   ‘Snice Food type: Vegetarian/Vegan Crowd: Health conscious, trendy vegetarians. They read The Onion, they listen to Moby. Neighborhood: West Village Price: $8-$10 If you spent last night indulging in too many organic wheat fair trade barley micro brew pints last night, come in to ‘Snice to mingle with that smooth-skinned beauty with the naturally textured hair you saw last night. While ‘Snice doesn’t necessarily put out 14 different options on Sunday morning, they do offer a nice selection of oatmeal, bagels, tofu scrambles and, to satisfy the sweet tooth: a Nutella and banana sandwich. The true gem of this place is the entirely vegetarian/vegan menu of sandwiches, paninis and salads with a true café menu for your Sunday morning caffeination. Located in the West Village at 45 Eighth Ave. and 4th St., this is a hot spot to rub elbows with nose rings and Om tattoos. Don’t worry, I won’t tell that sweet-looking granola girl about all those prosciutto wrapped appetizers you ate at the bar last night.   Deborah: Life Love Food Food type: Grown-up modern American food with a fantastic emphasis on seafood Crowd: New York Times readers, friendly food snobs, meat eaters, that dark haired French-looking girl you were eyeing last night Neighborhood: West Village Price: $14 prix fixe brunch With brunch served on Saturdays and Sundays, you can now nurse that hangover all weekend long at Deborah’s. Cajun Tilapia, Challah French Toast, Smoked Salmon, Sausage Platters and, of course, the requisite granola and yogurt bowl all get along nicely on the $14 prix fixe brunch menu. Each dish comes with a fresh mesuline green salad and coffee or fresh juice. Run by Lesbian chef Deborah Stanton, this place is gaining a devoted LGBT following while also saving room for the rest of the West Village beauties. The warm cozy ambiance should make inter-table mingling easy should you need help sharing some of that homemade honey-jalapeño cornbread…   The V-Spot Café Food type: 100% vegan with lots of fake meat/dairy options. Americana favorites without the Americana beef. Crowd: Reluctant vegetarians, hipster dykes, lesbian mums Neighborhood: Park Slope, Brooklyn Price: $8-$12 brunch, $10-$18 dinner entree Where ‘Snice walks the line between vegan and vegetarian with a focus on sandwiches, The V-Spot café answers your Sunday morning hunger with a 100% vegan menu. Settle that Sunday morning stomach with a variety of fake meat brunch options: tempeh, sausage, bacon, steak?! This place may be 100% vegan but it caters to the reluctant vegetarian, the girl who gave up red meat as a new year’s resolution and is now craving burgers, the former bacon addict who suddenly found herself dating a peta activist. You understand. This is guilt free eating that actually fills you up and tastes divine. The V-Spot doesn’t just focus on faking the down-home sausage breakfast, however. $8 will also get you fresh fruit empanadas or yogurt with granola and the $6 protein shake will help balance out your strictly liquid carb diet from last night. If you are in the mood for keeping the party going (or desperately clinging to the hair of the dog that bit you), Sunday features ½ price bottles of wine allllll day.   Perch Café Food type: Small portioned but tasty breakfast classics, fancy brunch cocktails, REALLY good coffee. Crowd: Sometimes too many stroller mums but usually a young crowd of Park Slope girl-next door types and bearded gents Neighborhood: Park Slope, Brooklyn Price: $5-$13 Ok, so you aren’t vegan. You aren’t even vegetarian. You don’t need gourmet and your wallets a little light after buying G+Ts for that girl with the dreads all night. Then set your blurry Sunday morning sights on Perch Café in Park Slope. This bright red beacon offers a satisfying mix of sweet and savory brunch items including smoked salmon, sourdough waffles, raisin challah French toast and class eggs benedict. Ask about the small breakfast menu if you are trying to save some cash and ask about the back patio if you’ll be needing some fresh air to help you come back to life. Pomegranate Mimosas and Mocha Martinis stand out among the brunch cocktails and the full espresso bar should have you wide awake after even the most energetic one-night stand.     If, in the end, none of these can satisfy your Sunday morning starvation and your head is *still* pounding, don’t worry- Cattyshack opens at noon on Sundays with Henrietta Hudson’s following shortly thereafter at 2pm…
Tagged on February 15, 2008