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Gorilla Coffee, Brooklyn, NY
A good cup of coffee
We know the rules. Friday night is for happy hour, Saturday night is for dancing, Sunday night is L-word night and Monday through Thursday night are good-girl, order-Chinese-delivery, play-with-your-lonely-cats, be-in-bed-by-11pm nights.   When we break the weeknight rule by going to that Tegan and Sara concert on a Thursday or Snapshot on a Tuesday, we pay the consequences the next morning. Calling in sick is not an option (you maxed out on vacation days back in August, remember?) and a bloody mary to-go will probably get you fired.   At this point, coffee is really your only hope of making it through the rest of the day with any dignity. If you live out in certain parts of Brooklyn, your good pre-work coffee options are, well, the opposite of bountiful. I will admit that as a Seattle transplant I am picky about what counts as a good coffee place. Any bodega is handy for a quick, extra sweet, drippy cup of drip for less than a dollar. Of course, if you were dancing on a speaker less than 6 hours ago, you might need something a little stronger.   Choice Market at Grand and Lafayette has some ridiculously tasty pastries and small breakfast plates but can also get mad crowded. The coffee is so-so and the service can get a little frantic when they are busy. Go for the noshes if that’s what your hangover really craves.   If you’re just looking for some strong espresso with a delightful ambience to wake you up, your absolute best bet is The Outpost Lounge on Fulton Street. Watch out- this coffee is strong, even by my standards. Their rich espresso swallows half-and-half without even thinking of getting any lighter. The food is so-so but the staff is amazingly friendly, will burn you a CD if you ask nicely, remember your name and make sure you are ready for another day at the grindstone.   If you’re morning train brings you through Atlantic Pacific terminal, it’s an easy shot to pop out on to Flatbush Ave, walk south to 5th and hang a right until you get to Gorilla Coffee. No comfy chairs to tempt you to be even later for work but the blaring music and unsmiling staff will you get in the mood for business. Drain a cup of their jet fuel coffee and nobody at work will suspect a thing about your party-girl alter ego.   Choice Market 318 Lafayette Ave Clinton Hill, Brooklyn   Outpost Lounge 1014 Fulton St. Clinton Hill, Brooklyn   Gorilla Coffee 97 5th Avenue (corner of Park Place) Park Slope, Brooklyn
Tagged on February 15, 2008