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Eden @ Union Square Lounge downstairs Coffeeshop
Finally a breath of fresh air in the New York scene!  We have gone too long without a home for lesbians who are gorgeous, have money and know how to party.  While the spot has a lounge atmosphere and is a cozy size, it was quite packed at 11pm and just got more and more packed as the night went on.  Best part is that there was no cover, but don't be mistaken there are a few ground rules that I have no problems with at all.  1. No Men, saw a few fashionable gay men, but just leave your men at home thanks.  2.  Dress Code, they said just look like your going out to dinner, so just dress up ladies.  But they were pretty chill about it, no bullshit at the door.  But I definitely respect their wishes, since they were extremely nice and still let me in.  Lets just say there are other long running spots in the city with a horrible looking crowd that enforce silly headgear rules.  This spot is fancy, have cute drinks and even a menu for if you get there earlier.  It was a mix of 20's and 30 somethings that resembled a classic LA mix.  They had a sweet DJ that was groovin' and as the night progressed chairs were removed to lay a mini dance floor.  No extreme bootay shakin' but it's okay, I can always do that at home.  Overall it was a lovely Wednesday night, and to be honest the only Wednesday night that is worth going to in New York.  Brooklyn's Metropolitan comes close, but Eden definitely has that New York flavor that club goers crave.  As a jaded lesbian new yorker, I was thoroughly impressed.  They even said thanks for coming as we left.  When is the last time staff said that to you at any of the regular old crusty establishments? Check it out and Enjoy It !
Tagged on September 25, 2008
Why I get "Catty" on Fridays
The moment my eyes flitter open Friday morning, I think “Cherry-Popping & Frisky”. As odd as it is for my first thoughts to be bacchanalian, I look forward to the first evening of the weekend to get into social butterfly mode. No place better to spread wings than one where you feel safe exuding your gay-ness. And there’s no better place to start the weekend then Cattyshack.  A den of booze, beauty, and beats, bars like Cattyshack don’t normally lead me to think about the importance of queer, female-centered spaces. New York City dyke bars, the Lesbian Herstory Archives, Fire Island, and even Babeland stores are all other safe sites that exhibit the dynamic of queer girl culture. But besides these and Pride every year, where can a gay gal go to get her groove on without fear of discrimination and homophobia? After this weekend at Catty, I was especially reminded of how, outside of these queer dance parties and select scenes, there are very few social spots where I can safely hug, kiss, or grab my girlfriend’s hand/ass in the Tri-State area. As sexually diverse and progressive as NY/NJ may be, there are hoods that will surely have wagging tongues, disapproving stares, Bible thumpers, and even a threat or two to my security. It’s hard to believe that in 2008, people still look at me and my partner like we are two-headed monsters invading Midtown on a Sunday afternoon. That’s why I thank Goddess for gay bars. Places like Cattyshack allow lesbian, bisexual, and trans people agency to affection, acceptance, and discourse in a safe space.  It’s not just a gathering of dykes looking to drink and dial, stalk their ex-girlfriends, or prey on potential one-night-stands; it’s a haven that lets queer women be free and 100% themselves. In such queer spaces as Catty, dykes can get down and dirty on the dance floor, demonstrating their prolific libidos or escaping the bed death they’re suddenly suffering from. The bar becomes a confessional for lesbians, where the priest is the hot bartender and a few shots of Patron become penance. It’s such a space where you can come to stare out into oblivion, contemplating your own lesbian drama without a hetero romantic comedy on the tube to irritate you. Best of all, Catty is where you can look like a boy with the comfort in knowing you'll get treated like a boi. A place like Cattyshack is vital to my queer womanhood. I don't just go to unwind, get a cold brew, and stare at the long-legged femmes waltzing up the outdoor deck steps for a smoke. Away from a home and work filled with TV, radio, and other hetero-centered distractions, I go to Catty to share moments, trade war stories, create memories, and catch up on celesbian gossip with friends and family, the "othered" others like me who can be their complete Sapphic selves without harm or judgment. It has been almost forty years since Stonewall, since it was taboo, damning, and dangerous for dykes to convene in such spaces. So why do I get Catty on a Friday night? To celebrate how far we've come as queer women, and continue to fight for our right to party.  
Tagged on July 21, 2008
5th Annual "Where-To" Guide to NYC
From swanky hotels to hot dogs for a steal, from museums to mega-gyms, we've logged it all. Share with your visiting ex from Wisconsin, or refresh your memory by taking a peek yourself (we won't tell). We present you with GO's Top 10s of the best of NYC (in no particular order).
Tagged on July 10, 2008
Weekend Happy Hour
 For those of us living the 9-5, happy hour is like a glorious $2 pint of ‘job well done’ at the end of a work day. Whether a working girl mingles with the suit-and-tie soul patch crowd in Midtown or the fancy boys of Chelsea, Monday through Friday evenings are easy nights to find drinks on the cheap. What if, however, a working girl finds herself working the 9-5 on a weekend? Weekend happy hour solution: Solas.  It’s obvious that the weekday 9-5 lifestyle is not for everybody, thus nor is the weekday 5pm-7pm happy hour. That’s why Solas has happy hour 7 days a week with drink specials including mojitos, margaritas and sangria for $4 with draft beer going for just $3. Deals last from 4pm to 8pm every night and the Lower East Side location keeps things… interesting? Ok, so it’s not good for groups and you might find your self sharing the bar with some skeezeballs but hey, it’s a post work drink on a Saturday in Manhattan for less than 8 bucks!
Tagged on March 18, 2008
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