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Sister Spit Schoolz LA in Gay
As a self identified queer girl with my privileged women's studies education behind me, I am constantly surprised by the efforts of gay Angelino's to mimic straight culture. Gay geography is LA is somewhat limited to West Hollywood, land of lesbians who look like straight celebrities, who aren't expressing their sexuality anywhere else but at the bar.  Queer ideas of gender identity, sexual expression and social interactions expressed through aesthetics, personal intention and values have become harder to find here. Which is why I was beside myself to spend an evening in June listening to the writers of Sister Spit read their work at the Hammer Museum in West LA. The legendary touring company Sister Spit is a rotating crew of female novelists, performance artists, poets and the like who have been bringing queer art and lit to the stage since the 90's. To quote member Eileen Myles, "Sister Spit is a movement of brilliant losers." Queer culture in la la Los Angeles consists of...um, well nothing... In La La, you're more likely to see Tila dancing on the bar on Friday in West Hollywood than you are to find any diverse representations of gender and sex in lgbt spaces. But Tila Tequila is straight you say? Exactly. We only do things in La La that can be packaged for cable. We have 'fierce' gay boys that make excellent stylists and lesbians that look like competitors on the latest season of the bachelor. Here, we are giant stereotypes of ourselves. Boys are still the effeminate comic relief they've been playing on screen for a century. Women are just now relaxing into our own palatable and empowered (?) on screen role as the lipstick lesbian. We look and act just as hetero-dominant culture asks us to. That's what we do in LA, we export culture. We tell the world, through film and television, through media, how to dress, act, think, and be consumers of the dominant culture. Living here is like being in a constant reality show. We are always competing to be as beautiful, as thin, as tanned, as rich, as straight as the images we sell through movies and television. Here, the only way you can identify a lesbian is by who she sleeps with.  The other signifiers of queerness that arise when rules of sex and gender are tested are barely visible. Listening to the members of Sister Spit read, I thought about the discursive evolution of the term 'queer'. I thought about Michelle Tea's mesmerizing description of the relationship between her hap hazard femme narrator and her FTM boyfriend with strong but delicate hands. I don't see these relationships here in LA. There is no room for play with gender here. Once upon a time we tried. But when The L Word solidified lesbianism as a marketing demographic, dykes got tired and moved to Brooklyn and I had to grow my shaved head out to find a job. What I miss specifically about queer culture is the act of appropriating gender binaries for the sake of their blurring. I miss the fact that maleness can be, and is, known within femaleness. Sister Spit reminded me that in some spaces, queer women are seeking the empowerment that we all seek as a society, that which occurs only when we reach past systems of duality, male-female, hetero-homo, white-of color, wealthy-poor.
Tagged on July 9, 2008
Gimme Sugar
Logo's newest true-life show brings us five lesbians out in the L.A. scene. Their authentic friendships restore credibility to the word "reality" on the small screen.
Tagged on July 9, 2008
The Hiking Hunnies
Looking to meet new lesbians? Visiting Los Angeles anytime soon? Tired of the same old bar scene? Want to implement a new exercise regime into your weekly routine? It is not my intention to come off sounding like an infomercial but, DO I have the answer for you. The Hiking Hunnies (HH) are a group of jovial and spirited, young Los Angeles lesbians who congregate almost weekly at several of Los Angeles ’s beautiful state parks as to be surrounded by the head honcho of all lesbians, Mother Nature. The inaugural HH hike was back in June 2007. Some of the most recent excursions have been to Griffith Park , Fryman Canyon and Malibu Creek. Expect gorgeous scenery, fresh air and a gaggle of happy-go-lucky girls.  Usually the hikes occur on Sunday mornings, not too early so that all you snooze button punchers and late night partiers can drag themselves out of bed in time and join the fun. A typical hike can run anywhere between an hour to four hours. Afterwards most of the girls engage in conversation over a nice lunch at a near by restaurant or have a blissful picnic right there in the park.   I am not one for exercising. In fact I refuse to go to a gym. The idea these girls have gotten me to go hike and participate in physical fitness is hands down impressive. I was never one who took a liking to the outdoors. I guess I have to admit some of the sights I have seen thus far have been quite breathtaking. The trails are far from rigorous. You do not need to be an expert hiker or come with rock climbing gear. There are some steeper inclines on certain routes, but seriously, if I can do it and survive, you can as well.  The whole purpose anyone goes on these hikes is to meet new lesbians. Precursor, not everyone is single, but the majority of them are indeed on the prowl. Of the girls I have already met, they have all been super cool. In fact, I now find myself hanging out with these same girls on a regular basis. I will be honest, there is a definite potential for hooking up with someone. All the girls are cute with bubbly personalities and behinds to match. A little insider information, there has been a Hunnie or two or three that have gotten together on numerous occasions. You can not ask for a better group to be a part of, aside from the fact it could get a tad incestuous, but hey, we are lesbians, comes with the territory. Keep in mind, there is always a chance of a more serious relationship developing between you and any said Hunnies, excluding those bound in a relationship of course. Every week seems to bring the emergence of a new girl or someone you just haven't met yet.   Picture this, while you are breathing heavily as you stride up the hilly side of Runyon Canyon , what better time to strike up a chat with a Hunnie you have had your eye on all day. It is time to break out the book of common place discussion questions. Where are you from? What do you do? How long have you been hiking with the Hunnies? Etc. Etc. The Hiking Hunnies is a must do, at least once. Even if you are only in Los Angeles for a weekend. I guarantee you will be back (or want to be back) week after week pounding the beaten paths.  For all the information and to sign up, go to www.myspace.com/hikinghunnies. Tatum is the ring leader of the bunch, tell her The Godfather sent you.
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The Los Angeles Lesbian Scene
A quick introduction of myself, I am known as The Godfather. Close to a year ago, I created a Los Angeles based blog called Boxed Lunch: LA Lesbian Scene which focuses on the lesbian scene here in Los Angeles. I usually post daily blogs promoting what is happening around town that girls can attend. I also write and discuss topics that range from guidance for new lesbians, local gossip, nightlife, girl erotica, lesbian stereotypes and more. My main objective is to educate those newbies or experienced lesbians who just don't know, about places to go, things to do in order to meet others, all in hopes of connecting our small community. I also encourage fellow lesbians who may want to showcase their own stories, art, parties, music, whatever, to submit their works for publication. When I came out three years ago I had no idea where to begin. Los Angeles lacked what someone like me needed to get started on their lesbianic voyage. That is where Boxed Lunch comes in. If I can make a difference, assist at least one girl emerge and become happier with themselves, then I know I have done good. GO Magazine has since contacted me and would like me to spread the word of all things lesbian in Los Angeles across the country to New York. They didn't have to twist my arm very hard. I jumped at this amazing opportunity. So now when you east coasters come to visit the west coast, you will be on the up-and-up with what to do, where to go and what it's like. This is my solemn vow. I'm here to service the lesbian world coast to coast. Next blog: LA's weekly nightlife calendar.
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Free Life Campaign 10/27