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Another successful Palm Springs Weekend!
Tagged on April 9, 2010
GO Mag Does Dinah 2009!
We were there...were you? Check out pics from GO's visit to Palm Springs for the fabulous Dinah Shore weekend! More pictures coming soon!
Tagged on April 6, 2009
LA's Weekly Nightlife Calendar
Currently us lesbians in L.A. have a plethora of activities to keep ourselves busy AND highly intoxicated to boot. As the Godfather, I feel it is my moral duty to keep up with what is hot and not, so I try to attend all the events. As you can imagine, my bar bill can get rather hefty going out 4 to 5 times a week. Here is a look at a typical Los Angeles lesbian’s weekly schedule, or at least what options they have any given week. Tuesday night: Eleven is the destination hotspot of choice for the evening. Thrown by local promoters Linda Fusco and Michelle Agnew (Fuse Events), this is a popular night amongst the younger, hipster crowd. Wednesday night: For the ladies who live on the Eastside, in such areas as Silverlake and Echo Park, Shotgun at Eagle LA is a guilty pleasure. Generally a dark and gritty bar for burly boys, on Wednesdays, the girls take over for casual conversation, cheap drinks, bear-male porn and perhaps a game of pool. Thursday night: With the weekend right around the corner, we girls like to get the party started early. A personal favorite is Platinum at East/West Lounge. You will sense a more sophisticated vibe and older presence while making new acquaintances and guzzling down overpriced beverages. If you are tipping more on the younger side and enjoy a little flavor in your surroundings, Heat at Here Lounge is the place for you. Here you will find an eclectic mix of girls who enjoy dancing to reggaetown, hip-hop and salsa music.  Friday night: Our trifecta of all evenings, we have three options to choose from. Girlbar at Ultra Suede has been a staple in West Hollywood for many, many years. It has unfortunately lost some of its luster since the emergence of competitors, but if you are looking for a cheesy, dance-filled good time, you most definitely have to check it out. Truckstop at Here Lounge, another Fuse event, has become what some will say, the most popular of all clubs. Always a packed house, the girls come out in flocks, ranging from hipster-to-lipstick-to-butch, all to drink, gallivant and watch the hot bartenders do their own version of “Coyote Ugly”. Lastly, a fairly newcomer to Friday nights is L.U.S.H. held at OBar. This is more for the lounge lizards and can be considered all-gay friendly, where as there usually is a handful of gay guys in attendance too.  These nights I listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are several other special events that occur once or twice a month. These I posted are the ones that you can simply set your watch to and plan your week accordingly, as I dutifully do. Next blog: The Hiking Hunnies.
Tagged on April 18, 2008