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2010 Nightlife Awards Spread
On April 20, a thousand plus beea-utiful women overtook Chelsea megaclub M2 UltraLounge for GO’s 4th Annual Readers’ Choice Nightlife Awards.
Tagged on May 21, 2010
Checking In With Artists We Love
Chicks with picks, dykes with mics, and those nearly queer and dear to our hearts...we know what’s up with the rock stars that keep your toes tapping and your head bobbing.
Tagged on July 31, 2008
KIN give surprise free show at HK Lounge
  Picture the scene: HK Lounge, Wednesday night, wall-to-wall Chelsea gay boys.   The usual.   Now, add Lesbian rap duo KIN to the party and suddenly the situation is just a little more fresh, right? The surprise free show on May 14th at the Manhattan bar was a deliciously odd mix of performer and audience but KIN was definitely able to pull it off. Members Nor and IQ, hailing from Mt. Vernon, NY, have been performing as KIN for over 7 years with significant play over seas and in Canada. Used to the challenge of the US major labels, KIN stepped it up for the tricky HK Lounge crowd, providing a breathable break from the house music that had been playing all night. Dominating the makeshift staircase stage, Nor and IQ worked the audience with songs from their new EP, Rock Star and after two songs, the Chelsea boys weren’t exactly nodding on beat but at least they were smiling.   Learn more about KIN at www.myspace.com/ KIN4life or www.kin4life.com
Tagged on May 20, 2008