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Checking In With Artists We Love
Chicks with picks, dykes with mics, and those nearly queer and dear to our hearts...we know what’s up with the rock stars that keep your toes tapping and your head bobbing.
Tagged on July 31, 2008
Gay Marriage, My Mother, and Gossip's Beth Ditto
Ya'll don't know my mom. Mother's day is as important to her as Christmas is to a seven year old. She loves to Mom. Let's turn 'Mom' into a verb for second. When it comes to gay civil rights issues, she adores Moming me and all my friends. She becomes Mom to the Max. Margaritas with Mom is the name of her therapy session that she holds for all my friends who’s Moms don't talk about gay issues. So the morning same sex marriage was ruled a fundamental right on May 15, 2008, she was on the phone with me planning my wedding (I’m not engaged) and asking me if any of my friends were getting married (she wants to make sure she's invited of course). Her compassion and excitement left me teary-eyed eyed but celebratory, and I spent the next 6 minutes dancing around my kitchen to the Gossip's civil-rights anthem Standing in the way of Control (I played it twice). I have several friends from college who have since gotten “gay-married” - these are same ones that introduced me to Gossip in college while taking women's study classes and steadfastly listening to Riot Girl bands together. It was also the year we were of age to vote in our first presidential election - Bush won. It was a major bummer. Beth has said that the lyrics to Standing in the way of Control were written as a response to the United States government’s decision to deny gay people the right to marriage. She says, of the song, “Nobody in the States was that surprised or shocked by what Bush did, but it made everyone I know feel helpless and cheated.” Beth Ditto was one of our inspirations and idols before she was all that 'famous.' And I think Mom and Beth would have a riot together at a Margaritas with mom session. Please enjoy our new episode of Rock-Star Guide to the Galaxy with Brace Paine of Gossip. It was produced in a celebratory spirit on the weekend after Mother's Day and after another civil rights battle was won. Thanks for the inspiration Gossip! For more on the making of this episode visit the Rhapsody blog. Click here to watch the video!   (Check out our new Rock-Star Guide to the Galaxy video exclusive with Brace Paine of Gossip at my blog www.shaevoyeur.com )
Tagged on July 17, 2008
Music: The True Colors Soundtrack
Tommy Boy/Silver Label
Tagged on July 10, 2008
Artists We Love: Checking In
We check in with the chicks with picks and dykes with mics who've played loud and made us proud over the years
Tagged on July 10, 2008
Artists We Love: Checking In
Did you really think we'd leave Melissa, Ani and KD out of the Music Issue? In the following pages we catch up on dozens of dykes with mics (and the dyke-friendly) who've played loud and made us proud over the years
Tagged on July 10, 2008
Free Life Campaign 10/27