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Going on Gaycation in Portland, Oregon
Running around Portland with Nathan/Brace of the band Gossip was as much fun as one of those all day party trolleys (a San Fransisco special treat) filled with radical people and rock stars. Unfortunately Beth couldn't make the Ringside for dinner; she had gone down South to visit her family. In her honor, we partied "Gaycation" style anyways. Speaking of family, we ran into Chelsea Starr who came up from SF to Portland to visit her sister. While there she guest DJed at the hot homo club Gaycation thrown by DJ Snowtiger. I have to say, I really appreciate all the girls and their Portland fashion. Although, I think the heat wave had something to do with all the cute shorts. The space, Holoscene, is a huge where house with high ceilings that sprawls over two rooms. So, if don't feel like rubbing up on folks, you can step into the other room and have your own dance circle. The next morning was a Southern treat at a breakfast cafe named the Screen Door, Aubrey's(DJ Snowtiger) favorite Sunday eatery. We found out a few things from Aubrey, but most importantly if you want to go to a river in Portland for some sun and a cool dip and you don't want to get hit on and harassed by the duderama, then head to Sauvies. It's the river spot full of gay naked pretty people. Check out my blog www.shaevoyeur.com for more Hot Situations
Tagged on May 27, 2008
Rockstar Guide to the Galaxy with Brace Paine of Gossip - Portland, Oregon
“Get it while it’s hot.” And hot it was. Kickin it in Portland with Gossip during the west coast heat wave. We were in town to film the next episode of Rhapsody's Rockstar Guide to the Galaxy with Brace Paine. (you can check out the first episode with CSS here: CSS Rockstar Guide to the Galaxy) . Portland with Brace of Gossip, originally uploaded by shaevoyuer. We flew in late Thursday night and parked ourselves at the hip downtown Jupiter motel where we relaxed from our travels around and outdoor fire with a late night cocktail. In the morning we met Nathan (Brace Paine) at the first stop on his rock-star list: Voodoo Doughnuts. This doughnut shop is known as much for its peanut butter glazed thingmadoo craziness as it is for the Swahili lessons they host. About the time Nathan was describing the contest where men compete to see who’s package can hold the most doughnuts, I realized how cute and photogenic he is. The rest of the day felt like taking magazine photos of him against colorful Portland backdrops. Our next stop was a jog through Powell's books (it's very large!) where he took us to his favorite sections including Zines and an aisle with dream-analysis books. You’ll have to wait for the video to hear what’s been on his subconscious mind. After that, we headed to Local 35, a designer clothing store, and the huge maze of vintage amazingness – House. In the evening we arrived at the Ringside Steak house for some red wine, bow tied servers, and fanciness (Although Nathan is quick to share that the reason this is one of his favorite Portland eateries is the meal deal you get before 5:45pm and after 9:00pm - "It's the only place in Portland to get quality food late night.") Last but not least, we met him at his club night Situations at Dunes. This party is obviously a go-to spot because not only did the The Kills guest DJ late night, but I ran into a friend visiting from Seattle 3 hours away that I hadn't seen in over a year! Check out my blog www.shaevoyeur.com for more hot situations.. Shaevoyuer is developing a queer/lesbian web TV travel show that highlights local community and artists. The web series will undercover queer women and tran’s cultures around the globe. She has a background in social change documentary film making and web TV. She is also interested in the relationship between queer/lesbian identity and location.
Tagged on May 23, 2008
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