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dearest aquagirl MIAMI!
Dearest aquagirl, You are the coolest.  Because of you I got to run around half naked an entire weekend with other half naked (and some three quarter naked) hotties in Miami. Drunkenly.  Without consequences.  Now in Chicago, I don’t think that would fly so much.  For one because well, it wouldn’t be very appropriate to run around half naked in the winter time seeing as my nips would get hypothermia, and two, because my bum would get wind chapped.  And who likes a wind-chapped bum? Basically the weekend was totally awesome.  For those of you that don’t know what aquagirl is, think a smaller scaled Dinah shore, but in Miami.  Its hot, sweaty, raunchy (if you wind up in the right places)…. and very drunk.  Very very drunk.  So much so drunk that I got a fever after I got back to Chicago.. Sadly.  But never mind fevers. I pretty much went to every party- and there were parties around the clock.  Every day was a pool party and every night was a club party.  My favorite event of the week was the Saturday pool party.  It was crazy packed with girls and booths.  Representing were my home girls- Tulip, my favorite sex toy gallery based out of Chicago, Girlbar- who I photograph for in Chicago, and G.A.G clothing.  FYI Those G.A.G girls are freakin hot.  Natalie (my partner in crime) and I were also there representing MIZZCHICAGO.COM and DITC clothing as well. Make sure to check out all my pics from the weekend at mizzchicago.com Right when I got into the party, I stumbled into a hottie telling me to do a beer bong.  After finishing and not puking, I thanked her and asked her what her name was.  She looked offended, told me her name was Rachel, and walked off to her booth.  I did a double take and realized that she was that girl from the Real World or Road Rules or whatever it is. Haha so, it turns out the first beer bong I’ve ever done was by Rachel from Road Rules (?).  Thanks Rachel, you started off my day right.  I ended up making a few new friends, which is always good times.  I met a lot of girls from Seattle, who were way cuter than I expected, seeing as I didn’t know anyone from Seattle.  Way to go Seattle! The rest of the representation was from Chicago, Florida, with the bulk from NYC. So let me say, the parties are pretty expensive.  For the Saturday parties you can expect to pay $25 to get into the pool and $30 for the club party.  Although it’s pricey we must all keep in mind that the money goes to a good cause- the aqua foundation.  Check out their charity work at aquafoundation.org.   Well, after the beer bong, I continued to run around like a mad woman.  I must say using Chicago feet to step on Miami concrete is painful.  I don’t know how all these girls were running around barefoot because that ground was scorching.  Anyway, that was a side note.  Djing the pool was Lisa Pittman.  She had some pretty rad tunes going on.  Make sure to check out the rest of my weekend at mizzchicago.com for the complete set of photos!
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Aqua Girl 2008
GO's pictures from Aqua Girl in Miami! by Sabrina Haley
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Free Life Campaign 10/27