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Rock Star Guide to the Galaxy: Uh Huh Her - Los Angeles
Watch Uh Huh Her's Rock-Star Guide to the Galaxy: Part 1 There was a long time when I was hatin' on L.A. I guess if you're not from here (here being San Francisco), you don't know about this invisible line somewhere just above Santa Barbara that divides Northern and Southern California. It's where people's tans start to fade, their hair gets darker, and as Northern Californians will argue, they stop wasting so many natural resources. I grew up in the suburbs of LA and Lauren (Co-producer) grew up in San Diego, but we've lived in the bay area for some 10 years, so we were curious to ask the ladies of Uh Huh Her, both L.A. transplants (Leisha Hailey comes from Nebraska, Camila Grey from Texas), if they could dispel or confirm some myths about Los Angeles. Check out what they had to say about fact and fiction in SoCal, and watch Pt. 2 of their Rock Star Guide to the Galaxy after the jump. Watch Uh Huh Her's Rock-Star Guide to the Galaxy: Part 2 Rhapsody: The weather is always perfect in Los Angeles. Camila & Leisha (in unison): True. You turn on the news and it's suns across the screen. True or false: Nobody walks in L.A. Camila: [Starts singing Missing Persons.] Leisha: True. I tried once, but then I just felt out of place. True or false: Everyone in L.A. has had plastic surgery. Leisha: Just Cam. Camila: [Shrugs.] True or false: There are famous people everywhere you look. Camila: [Looks at Leisha who stars on Showtime's The L-Word.] Umm... Leisha: No, not really. Camila: I mean, well, sometimes you go to the grocery store and someone looks familiar, but you're not sure who they are. Leisha: So, you're saying it's true then. Camila: Well, um ... maybe. (Side note: Camila and Leisha totally freaked out when they saw Ron Jeremy at two in the morning on Hollywood Blvd. They ran over to us and asked us to unpack everything and film them together) Fast forward one night to the green room at the Roxy. We're testing microphones or something and in walks Clea DuVall (of The Faculty) and Freddie Prinze, Jr. (of Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed). I mean, we think it was him, we're not sure. He looked familiar. Anyway, Clea walks up and introduces herself to me, then an interesting conversation ensued about the Northern/Southern California divide. "Northern California is great, the only problem is you guys hate people from Southern California." "No we don't." "Yes you do, I lived there in Marin while I was working on a movie. I know." Now, I can't speak for the millions of people I live with North of the invisible divide, but I have to say, L.A. has grown on me. I hope you enjoy the tour.
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Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Girlfriend, squeeze or chick du jouróIf you donít know what to get her for the big day, youíve come to the right page!
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God-des & She
How two midwestern riot grrls with a rhyme and a dream became a national hip-hop sensation
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The things you say when you meet Clea Duvall - Los Angeles
Uh uh, (clears throat). Ahem, so if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know that I’m the co-producer of this Rhapsody series called “Rock-Star Guide to the Galaxy”. Uh huh. Well, so we're in LA to work with this particular band that for the moment shall remain nameless. Uh huh. Anyway, it's nice and hot, like LA should be, and we’re in the green room at the Roxy and who walks in?! Clea Duvall. Uh huh. I’ve been working with a lot of talent lately and I'm always calm, cool and professional. But a shout out back to my regulars – you’ve heard me mention before that Clea is one of my favorite actresses – right up there with Winona Ryder.. Uh huh. So pardon me while I take a moment to recount the story for you all. Part 1: Clea walks in and stands in a corner (the corner that I'm standing in holding my video camera); she then turns to me, puts her hand out and says, "Hi, I'm Clea. You look familiar." Uh huh. Turning red, eyes blinking, jaw dropping. I remember my name and introduce myself "We’re from San Francisco, so...uh..I don’t know where we would have met. But, well, you obviously look familiar." Clea: blink blink Smiles. Nods head. Exit stage right. Part 2: The VIP area of the Roxy. It's the end of the show and I have to remind myself to breath due to so many hot situations already. Deep slow breaths. Clea turns around and asks me, "is life that hard?" At that point, I just crack up laughing. We start chatting and at some point we get on the subject of smoking cigarettes and I share my theory, that “half of the addiction to smoking is not just the nicotine, but the deep rhythmic breaths you take while you smoke." WTF is that!? Who says that? I do a lot of yoga. Part 3: Inspiration. I finally come out to Clea that I've a big fan of hers since I was 16. Then I get worried that maybe I should check my facts before I open my big mouth, but before I can find my way through the space-time continuum she just asks me my age and it turns out she started acting when she was 18 (that means I was 15, so we're all good). Then she shares that some things she saw while growing up influenced what she does now. I thought that was so sweet, that I got lost in my thoughts, and forgot to ask her what it was that influenced her! Clea, if you read this blog, we all want to know what it was that influenced you while you were growing up. You have obviously been an inspiration and have influenced a lot of folks from my generation and younger. So, um, will you be in my movie Licorice? I'm writing a coming of age drama that you would be perfect to play the role of the older sister. I already produced a short scene from it and gave a copy to one of your friends in that band we all know and love, (uh huh, just clearing my throat again in case you aren’t getting the hint). In case you missed it, here's a link to the Rock-Star guide to the Galaxy webisode with CSS. CSS Rock-Star Guide to the Galaxy Check out www.shaevoyeur.com for a sneak peak to the Rock-Star guide to the Galaxy webisode with Uh Huh Her coming this August.
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