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Lessons in Lesbian Social Etiquette from The L Word Season Six
So, why is everyone so surprised that Shane and Jenny are finally doin it? Have we forgotten the premise of this show is that lesbians have a lot of sex with each other? Remember the chart? Seriously, if “Shenny” hadn’t followed the rule that a queer girl must always eventually sleep with her best friend, Ellen Degeneres would of showed up to collect their official lesbian cards from their wallets. This does not negate the fact that it is completely horrid to watch, but rules are rules people. And just when you thought we were out of clichés, enter the lesbian texting circle. Being the first to the scene of the crime, Alice sends a blanket text to let everyone know what Shane and Jenny have done and hilarity ensues. We lol because we’ve aaaaall done it too. “It’s the way that we live and love,” isn’t it though? Lest we not forget that the gays have just as much drama in the entertainment industry as they do in bed, Jenny’s film has been stolen and Alice is about to get fired from The Look for being depressing gay. Now everyone has their theories about who stole the negative and framed Tina for it. From the look in Jenny’s crazy eye when Tina accused her, I’ll put all my money on her. She’d obviously thought about the fact that the editor would still have access to the digitized footage even if the film negative went missing. But why would Jenny want the negative to disappear? Um, who really cares? I’d rather worry about the precious and lovely Alice P. Alice carries the most integral storyline of the show, illustrating the pressure from mainstream media to produce images of queerness that leave out our oppression.  By reading a letter from a fan that details an experience of violent homophobia, Alice puts her job on the line. It’s wonderful to see the truth of the matter being represented here and I’m hoping Alice chooses to speak up even more…Also, did I mention Jenny sucks?
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America's Most Captivating Couples '07
It was difficult to narrow down the entries, but we finally did it--and the result is the year's most captivating couples! Ranging from a historic preservationist to a superhero to a TV talk show host (times two), it's great to see so many proud women, not just in love, but spreading that love around and making the world a brighter place. Their stories inspired us, and we know they'll inspire you, too. Say hello to this year's sweethearts.
Tagged on July 10, 2008
5 and Thriving: Our fifth year in review
Rosie came back into view, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" took center stage, Barack and Hillary stepped up to the presidential plate. NYC lost the Roxy and CBGBs, Britney lost her long locks, our community lost a dear activist, Barbara Gittings. And Ellen became the most visible, successful lesbian in the universe. A look back at the events that shaped GO's world in the past year.
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Boob Tube
The weather's cooling down, but Fall TV's just heating up. A bevy of beautiful babe-loving babes make lesbian TV history on this season's hottest new shows.
Tagged on July 10, 2008
6 and Sittin' Pretty
Our Sixth Year In Review!
Tagged on July 9, 2008
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