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YES WE (Still) CAN: Fighting Proposition H8
You know the feeling you get at the bottom of your stomach when your ex tells you s/he is getting married? You are so happy s/he finally found the “one”- but you’re upset that “one” wasn’t you.  This feeling is kind of / sort of the same one I felt November 5th, when Barack Obama won the 2008 Presidential election and “No on Proposition 8” lost. Among a few bills that passed nationally banning gay marriage and denying GLBTQ rights, Proposition 8 (or “H8” as I like to call it) was officially passed in California- overturning the right GLBTQ people received a few months ago to marry .Hence, rejoicing in Obama’s victory was bittersweet, knowing that millions of queer couples were stripped of their rights after the first minority president in the history of the US was elected. How could this happen in California, the state that voted for Obama, the President –elect against Prop 8? Del Martin surely turned in her grave that night. Despite nationwide protests and rallies on November 15th that had people marching the streets of San Francisco to New York City, and Wanda Sykes, Margaret Cho,  and Ellen vehemently voicing their opposition to “Yes on 8”, the majority of Californians (and Americans) still feel that they have the right to deny the queer community marriage equality. I believe Obama is a modern-day Moses that will surely lead this country out of the crisis created by years of white patriarchal oppression, that he will rebuild this nation ground up from the ruins that is the Bush Administration. But can Obama bring back marriage equality to California, to all the states of this bigoted, conflicted country? If anyone can, it’s him! I believe Obama can be the greatest political ally the queer community has seen since Harvey Milk. Our President-elect is for increased funding for HIV/AIDS, comprehensive sex education, and the repeal of our “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military policy. Obama supports a fully-inclusive ENDA and hate crimes legislation. He opposes bans on adoption by LGBTQ people and the federal marriage amendment. If there has every been a President on our side, it’s Obama. And if Proposition 8 is overturned, it will be because of the revolution the queer community and our straight allies continue to fight with this very president’s aid. Obama’s campaign slogan was YES WE CAN! Let’s not lose hope now. I say we adopt our future President’s motto and carry it as our own in this continuous “No on 8” fight for our right. A black man is president now people! Anything is possible- even full marriage equality.    
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