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Anibody listening?
Ok lesbians, stay with me. I know we have oodles of gay icons within mainstream media these days. I know we have straight girls singing chart toppers about kissing girls. And while having lesbianism validated as an acceptable and fun way of cheating...
Tagged on July 23, 2008
Kelli Up Front
She’s more than Mrs. Rosie
Tagged on July 10, 2008
Theatre: Legally Blonde: Sweet Nothings and Other Empty Promises
Thain Torres reviews Legally Blonde, writing, "Pleasing to the eye and well intentioned, Legally Blonde is sure to become a tourist favorite and exasperate critics."
Tagged on July 10, 2008
Cabaret: Spiegelworld
Absinthe, La Vie, Weimar New York; Pier 17 South Street Seaport
Tagged on July 10, 2008
Leisha—Uh Huh, It's Her
The versatile actor-musician who makes us laugh as The L Word's quirky Alice is gaining a new following with her latest musical outing. In a candid interview, she discusses her choices, passions and what the future holds.
Tagged on July 10, 2008
Dinah Vegas 2016
Kate Clinton at RVCC Theater