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Pride and Joy, Northhampton, MA
Pride Factory, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Pride 2010
Our photo coverage of Pride 2010! Check out our float, The March and party pics!
Tagged on September 25, 2010
Jersey City's Pride
At summer’s end, most of us queer folks have had a good fill of Pride fun. We’ve pretty much covered the Pride basics for the year:  rocked the rainbow flags, re-connected with old friends, made out drunkenly with ex’s, and cheered on our queens and dykons. Nevertheless, the Jersey City 8th Annual Pride Festival (August 23rd) came so late in the GLBTQ Pride season that it served as a refreshing reminder of what Pride festivals stand for, how they function and serve our populace.  As a GO! Volunteer, I had the honor of handing out this August’s music issue to all the pride-goers, killing three birds with one stone: talking to the eye candy, getting first-hand fodder for my blog, and promoting my favorite publication. Being a magazine fairy also allowed me to observe Jersey City Pride from the perspective of a queer woman, one who perceived some pretty awesome particulars about this Pride event: how diverse we are as a community, how radical our artists are, and how this generation is so damn out and proud. Almost all Pride events are diverse (especially in the NYC/NJ area), filled with great music and hot men/women running around rainbow-covered. Jersey City Pride was no exception. What a cultural group of gays we are! Black, Irish, Italian, Asian, Hispanic, Indian- you name the race, and they were at Jersey City Pride, representing! Grandparents, mothers, fathers, aunts, and uncles-we were all there celebrating ourselves. From empanadas to gyros, funnel cake to Italian sausage, magazines to clothing, novelty items to life insurance, even the festival food and merchants were markers of how diverse we are a people. Because Jersey City is such a perfect melting pot, many of its queer residents of all ages and colors attended, reflecting on how queer politics are no longer the white-gay-male agenda of yore. JC Pride had some awesome artists grace the stage. As a volunteer, I was able to catch some inspiring performances by Dani (songstress, lyricist, spokenword artist), Rhythm Locura (NY's premier LGBT Latin dance group), and Naommon (European electro-pop artist). These GLBTQ artists’ music was the perfect soundtrack for a Pride, especially an urban one. Mara Levi, Lori Michaels, Odd Girl Out also performed at the event, demonstrating eclectic queer girl sound. And how about this Pride’s youth attendance? The street was flooded with baby dykes and young gay boys, all seemingly between the ages of 15-20. It seems like pride events are especially important to this generation of queer kids because it allows them a space to be proud of who they are, who they love, and where they live, especially when our daily lives tell us otherwise. What was especially remarkable was that besides rainbow colored clothing, some of these baby queers rocked “Obama” tees! Out and proud, political and loud, JC 8th Annual Pride proved to everyone on the Hudson that our queer community is very much alive. This year’s Jersey City Pride theme was “Keeping the Vision Alive”. It looks to me like this NJ city’s queer community was doing just that. Keeping the vision alive that one day we will no longer need Pride events, that every day will be Pride. Keeping the vision alive that our next president will respect, support, and embrace us as equal Americans. Keeping the vision alive that this generation of queers will never have to fear for their life because of who they are. Keeping the vision alive that we stand strong as a community who will achieve human rights in all aspects. Keeping the vision alive that this racist/homophobe/misogynist society will one day accept us all-the trannies and the bulldykes, the bears and the lipsticks- as people, as neighbors, as fellow brothers and sisters. Keeping the vision alive that we are the arty, passionate, revolutionary, and proud population who love beyond borders. Keeping the vision alive that no one can throw a party like we can.
Tagged on September 2, 2008
Chicago is better than you because it has two prides a year
For those of you that don’t know it, the second Chicago pride is called the North Halsted Market days.  All the fags and dykes of the Midwest come together every August for the biggest and faggotyest block party of the year. It spans 8 Chicago blocks or for you other folks, 11 NYC blocks or 5 LA blocks.  Why are NYC blocks so small btw?  Is it because NYC folk need more blockage to have more corners to fit in more hot dog and pizza stores?  Yes. Anyhow, market days features loads of large boobed topless gay men dancing to gay house music and barrels of drunk lesbians spilling 711 big gulps all over the street while standing still listening to bad rock music.  Basically it’s the best day if your life.  Yours, not mine.  OK, well mine too.  On and only on market days, if you’re lucky, a drunken friend of yours might show you her vagina.  The options of things to do at Market days are imaginable.  You can try to hit on drunk straight girls at minibar (where hot gay looking straight men work their man patrons hard for tips), jump up and down with dykes at the Belmont stage to a cover band, pee (or poop) in a port-o-potty, or eat a cheeseburger or gyro sandwich larger than a gay man boob.  Lets just say, I heart market days.  I heart it enough to use the twitch-inducing phrase, “I heart.”  Isn’t it just the worst when a cute girl tells you that they heart you? Then it’s all like, gee thanks, now I feel like a five year old that you baby-sit.  I mean I bet that’s what it would feel like.  That’s never actually happened to me.  So for market days I decided to throw an after party for the ladies.  I started to get worried again that no one would show up and I would be drinking alone in corner doing the lindy hop.  When planning events, my biggest fear ever is that no one will show and I will have to do the lindy hop alone.  Much to my alleviation, wasted heards of dykes began hopping through the window! OK, not really.  They stepped through the large bay window that opens to the sidewalk of the restaurant.  And it only happened once.  Yes, the venue happened to be a Thai restaurant and upheld its stereotype by smelling like pad thai.  Luckily everyone was so wasted that they didn’t even notice.  Or maybe only I noticed because I have a god forsaken severe sense of smell that allows me to smell x-girlfriend’s burps from ten feet away.  The party went really awesomely. That is, until an hour into it the sound system completely blew up.  Yes blew up, like not in the movies, but blew up like over heated and you can smell burning plastic.  Now, I don’t know if you know what its like to be in a bar where the sound goes out for 30 seconds, but it’s complete hell.  You’re dancing and you’re getting into it busting out your best moves, and then silence.  Silence covered up by people-chatter.Tthen you feel like an idiot because suddenly you’re dancing to chatter, and then you get angry cause you feel like an idiot.  Well, the sound was out for 20 minutes.  20 minutes! I nearly ran to a port-o-poop to avoid pottying in my pants because I didn’t know what to do.  Luckily everyone blames the DJ and not the promoter, so I was in the clear for the first 5 minutes.  Then the amazing DJ KT saved the day with replacement speakers which where in her car parked 10 minutes away.  She and I busted out the door (since the window was now closed), drove there and back while nearly running over a cab, getting stuck in a dead end, and driving around in one circle.  We went there and came back and made sound happen within 20 minutes.  I could have cried from joy when the music came back on and the ladies got their grooves back.  I decided it was time to have a drink.  Actually, a bottle.  And so I did. The night continued on with a dirty dance contest, in which we rewarded the winner with an anal plug. The end of the night didn’t come until 6am after eating chicken strips for breakfast at the diner down the street and watching my friends do the drunk cupid shuffle at the dive up the street from the diner down the street from the after party.  Finally I went to get some rest at 630, only to wake up to market day 2. Oh, that’s right, I forgot to mention that market days is two days long. ------------ see the rest of the photos @ www.mizzchicago.com
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Publisher's Letter
Happy Pride to Our Readers!
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Summer in the city leaving you a little too hot and bothered? Consider spending the season's dog days in a breezier locale. Whether you escape Babylon by car, by boat or by plane, pack your swimsuit and sunscreen and follow us to one of these great summer getaways.
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Free Life Campaign 10/27