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L is for Leisha: Alice is the L-Word Spin-off Star
"What the friggin' frack?" Our beloved series is almost over, the beginning of the end being January 2009! What is a queer girl to watch now? However will we spend our Sunday nights? Well breathe easy fellow L-Word lovers-Showtime...
Tagged on September 9, 2008
10 Reasons It's Awesome to be Queer
We all know it's great to be queer. Almost every day, I feel a surge of happiness and gratitude that I get to live my life exactly the way I want to. I wish this happiness for everyone, and so I present my 10 reasons it's awesome to be...
Tagged on September 8, 2008
I Heart Margaret
Margaret Cho is one of my favorite dykons. In this patriarchal, racist, homophobic society, a woman like Cho is a cool breeze on a muggy August afternoon. Known best for arguing about /advocating for equality, politics, body image, pop culture, and...
Tagged on August 26, 2008
A "Boulder" of an Album: How Bitch Brought Ferron’s Groove Back
Most of this new queer generation has never heard of Ferron. I had never heard of Ferron until Bitch announced that she was producing a record of her classics and recording it in her RV (parked outside Ferron’s backyard in the Michigan woods)....
Tagged on August 21, 2008
The Queer Marriage Craze
As a kid, I was never the typical little girl who dreamed of a white wedding and Prince Charming. I was always too busy making Barbie, Ken, and Skipper fuck their little plastic heads off in an all-night threesome inside a makeshift cardboard dream...
Tagged on August 11, 2008
Kate Clinton at RVCC Theater