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Women on a Roll, Santa Monica, CA
Get Your Feminist On
Ever wish you had a rad group of women to help you with all those projects you dream up? This weekend, feminist creative collective For The Birds is offering up a festival of ideas and discussions on just that. The 4th annual The Big She Bang will be happening all day this Saturday, August 15th in the West Village. Their theme, A How To Guide for DIY (that's Do It Yourself, for anyone who needs translation) Feminism, promises a full day of workshops, panels, discussions, visual art and performances by local ladies here to empower others who want to create, share, join forces, and make change. "The theme came out of our own identification as a DIY feminist collective and recognizing that there are other groups in the area that have formed with similar inspirations and goals," says Lauren, speaking on behalf of the recently formed collective.  "We wanted the opportunity to share the resources and tools that we found helpful and give an opportunity for other groups to do the same.  Our collective members all have different backgrounds within organizing and feminism, so creating a space to share our experiences and learn from other people is really important." The festival will include a wealth of information on different feminist initiatives and projects. The panel Feminist Urban Mobility features discussion between three incredible organizations: Right Rides, a Brooklyn based non-profit that gives women and transfolk free rides home on Saturday nights; Safe Walk, which offers free walking accompaniment to anyone on Friday nights in certain Brooklyn hoods; and Holla Back NYC, a site that encourages people to snap and send in photos of street harassers. For The Birds hopes that conversations about these great causes will inspire others to start their own. "We're really hoping that the event will give women and women-identified community members access to new resources, and will create a safe space to network and feel empowered about what they'd like to see happen in their communities," says Lauren. The festival will be happening all day, but if discussions and panels aren't your cup of tea, you should swing by The Big She Bang Saturday night for an awesome line up of several female bands and musicians, including Little Lungs, Inertia, and Zombie Dogs. The Big She Bang will be happening this Saturday, August 15th from 10AM to Midnight at Judson Memorial Church at 55 Washington Square South. Admission is sliding scale $6-$10, but no one will be turned away. For a schedule of the festival and more information see http://www.myspace.com/thebig_shebang. You can learn more about For the Birds at their website http://www.forthebirdscollective.org.
Tagged on August 14, 2009
Don't Let Your Shrink Label You
Diagnoses can come with stigmas, especially when they're applied to women
Tagged on July 10, 2008
Pride Yourself on Your Health
This summer, take a few moments to focus on the most important woman in your life. You. Dr. Anita Radix addresses some pressing lesbian health issues.
Tagged on July 9, 2008
Atlanta Black Gay Pride Celebration
Atlanta Black Gay Pride Celebration is over and what a celebration it was!  The entire weekend was filled with so much fun and excitement it's hard to choose which things to mention.  The opening ceremonies were complete with the standard speeches and appearances from VIP's ranging from event organizers and city officials to famous television stars as well as performances by dancers and vocal artists.  It was an opening ceremony definitely worth attending.  When that was over there were too many parties to count.  Clubs opened their doors for the masses of individuals that came into town from all over the world for the world's largest African American Gay Pride Celebration.  The weekend days were filled with vendors and booths selling all sorts of items for great prices and of course fully equipped with my favorite vendor item of all the pride events.... swag.  Who can pass up all the free stuff that is passed out at an even like this?  If the vending area wasn't interesting enough for the daytime patrons there was huge variety of luncheons, brunches, meetings and conferences about all sorts of different information ranging from Black Jewish issues to Transgender issues and more resulting in no shortage of something to do.  If ever there were a time to meet beautiful black women this was definitely it.  Whether you were seeking the one night stand, the weekend hook-up or a girlfriend for life this was definitely your place to find anything your heart desired.  The night life was of course what you would imagine and hope for full of beautiful, half naked (and in some cases totally naked) women dancing at clubs well into the morning hours.  The evenings were filled with plenty of hot, famous women that we all lust for.  Gabrielle Union and Stacy Dash were scheduled to be out and about at the All White Affair, Jennifer Hudson performed at Club Europe and Eva from "America's Top Model" ducked out of answering questions about her sexuality when being interviewed at one of the events.  Eve was there for a concert performance and many others were seen about the night life.  Among the weekends glitches the Interfaith Sunday Morning Service didn't have much in the form of any religion other than Christianity and the Pride March left some people behind because there were multiple march off times advertised in multiple places.  Overall the entire weekend was a hit.  Kudos to the organizers at In The Life Atlanta who pulled the whole thing off with style.  I would definitely recommend this event to anyone interested having a great time with lots of events while being surrounded by thousands of beautiful black women.  See you all there next year in Atlanta for the Labor Day Weekend Black Gay Pride Celebration!
Tagged on February 15, 2008