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Summer in the city leaving you a little too hot and bothered? Consider spending the season's dog days in a breezier locale. Whether you escape Babylon by car, by boat or by plane, pack your swimsuit and sunscreen and follow us to one of these great summer getaways.
Tagged on July 3, 2008
Gaylaxicon 2007
I recently attended an event called Gaylaxicon.  You may be asking the same thing that I asked when I first received notice of this event.... What in the world is Gaylaxicon?!?  Well, now that I have attended I must say that it was definitely not of this world.  Gaylaxicon is an (or should I say THE) annual international Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror convention for lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered people, gay men and their friends.  True to tradition the event lasted an entire weekend and was filled with all sorts of fun and games.  Seriously, it was filled with fun and games!  There was a game room where the attendees came and played all sorts of games including a "shirts off" life sized version of Candy Land.  There was much more fun to be had throughout the weekend with all sorts of group discussions and panels about things ranging from "Fantasy Lovers & Erotic Aliens" to "Queer Exploitation in Film" to "Bubbas in Space".  I wasn't sure what to expect with the panels at all.  Being only a surface level Sci-Fi fan myself I wasn't sure just what there would be to discuss beyond a simple review of one show, movie, book, or story.  Well after attending this event I must say that there are billions of discussions still to be had about nearly a billion subjects relating to Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror as it relates to and is viewed by the Queer community.  Wow!! Who knew there was so much to talk about.  As I sat and listened to these discussions I started to almost feel like I was in the space and time of whatever subject the discussions were about.  I never knew fans could be so serious about Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry's great vision of the human future.  I never would have guessed.  I suppose I am just realizing that all along I've been one of the "pseudo-people" walking around the world thinking Star Trek and Sci-Fi in general were simply for entertainment purposes.  Who knew there was a deeper message.  This convention has renewed my lust for great Sci-Fi and I now plan to view all the Sci-fi, Horror and Fantasy that there is to be had while seeking the "deeper message" that is lying beneath the surface of what was already a great art and form of entertainment without having to have meaning at all.  Next time you are feeling "frisky" and want to attend an event that is laid back and all about Fantasy you should seek this event out.  Where else can you go to play games all day, talk about the importance of Homosexuality & Vampire/witch Myths Through the Ages, see all sorts of people from within the U.S. and beyond, and get to dress up as any creature you desire to be displayed on stage at a Masquerade when it's not even Halloween?  The only place I can think of that even comes close to being in some place where you can hang with hundreds of strange people who you don't know but somehow feel like you do while getting to play games all day and B.S. about all kinds of subjects you would likely never discuss in your regular life is my family reunion.  The difference is that my family is definitely out of this world, the majority of them are not ok with me being "out in this world" and the biggest fantasy discussions are usually about religious subjects.  I definitely must say that Gaylaxicon was a laid back and fun event with lots to do and I would definitely recommend that you all attend next year for Gaylaxicon 2008 in Washington D.C.  With a city so filled with backwards politicians and a president who lives in a Fantasy world every day already, it seems the perfect place to attend a Fantasy, Sci-Fi convention for the Queer community.
Tagged on February 15, 2008
Atlanta Black Gay Pride Celebration
Atlanta Black Gay Pride Celebration is over and what a celebration it was!  The entire weekend was filled with so much fun and excitement it's hard to choose which things to mention.  The opening ceremonies were complete with the standard speeches and appearances from VIP's ranging from event organizers and city officials to famous television stars as well as performances by dancers and vocal artists.  It was an opening ceremony definitely worth attending.  When that was over there were too many parties to count.  Clubs opened their doors for the masses of individuals that came into town from all over the world for the world's largest African American Gay Pride Celebration.  The weekend days were filled with vendors and booths selling all sorts of items for great prices and of course fully equipped with my favorite vendor item of all the pride events.... swag.  Who can pass up all the free stuff that is passed out at an even like this?  If the vending area wasn't interesting enough for the daytime patrons there was huge variety of luncheons, brunches, meetings and conferences about all sorts of different information ranging from Black Jewish issues to Transgender issues and more resulting in no shortage of something to do.  If ever there were a time to meet beautiful black women this was definitely it.  Whether you were seeking the one night stand, the weekend hook-up or a girlfriend for life this was definitely your place to find anything your heart desired.  The night life was of course what you would imagine and hope for full of beautiful, half naked (and in some cases totally naked) women dancing at clubs well into the morning hours.  The evenings were filled with plenty of hot, famous women that we all lust for.  Gabrielle Union and Stacy Dash were scheduled to be out and about at the All White Affair, Jennifer Hudson performed at Club Europe and Eva from "America's Top Model" ducked out of answering questions about her sexuality when being interviewed at one of the events.  Eve was there for a concert performance and many others were seen about the night life.  Among the weekends glitches the Interfaith Sunday Morning Service didn't have much in the form of any religion other than Christianity and the Pride March left some people behind because there were multiple march off times advertised in multiple places.  Overall the entire weekend was a hit.  Kudos to the organizers at In The Life Atlanta who pulled the whole thing off with style.  I would definitely recommend this event to anyone interested having a great time with lots of events while being surrounded by thousands of beautiful black women.  See you all there next year in Atlanta for the Labor Day Weekend Black Gay Pride Celebration!
Tagged on February 15, 2008
Cha Cha and Dyke Night @ Toast Lounge, July 20th, 2007
Kristen Porter adds lesbian flair to her Friday Dyke Nights.  The event is hosted at Toast Lounge, right outside of Boston and runs from 9pm-2am.  To bring in the ladies in early on July 20th, Liz Nania of Out to Dance will be instructing a Cha Cha dance lesson.  This is the second lesson of the summer for Liz, after the first class reached capacity quickly.  Registration begins at 8:30pm, so be sure to get there early and reserve your spot.  No partner is necessary to enjoy learning this sexy Cuban dance and the $10 cover takes care of the whole night.  After you get your new steps down, be sure to stay so DJ Kris Kono can put them to the test!  The music is sure to impress, as Kris has spun for Aqua Girl Miami, Vixen in P-Town, Rise, and a number of pride events.
Tagged on February 15, 2008
From the Closet To The Rooftop: A Review of Pariah, a film by Dee Rees and Nekisa Cooper
source: QueerFilmReview.com Two girlfriends ride the bus home from the club. It’s late, the bus’s lighting is dim. They joke, they laugh about who they saw and what numbers they got. The bus stops, doors creak and people exit. The bus continues with the stragglers/the partyers/the graveyard shift on board. Girlfriend with the fro is Laura. Girlfriend with the hat is Lee. And from the back, in terms of attire, they could both be boys. When Laura is refused the opportunity to see her best girlfriend home she gets off the bus in a huff, fades into the night. Lee leans back against the window, the lights flicker,or maybe the music comes in came in so slick/ Lee’s face changed so suddenly, that I thought a light flashed. The camera zooms in and, I don’t know…I dressed cute to go see Dee Rees’s “Pariah,” at Washington’s One in Ten Film Festival, but from that moment I knew my jacket/shoes/face would be coming off. Lee’s jaw fixes (Lee is a gorgeous/ like not even fair to the rest of the world type of pretty), her eyes focused, she takes off her hat. She takes off her oversized shirt to reveal a pink baby tee. She puts on her earrings. And I started to cry/choke/ put my head down. The world is a mountain. And this movie said, ‘move!’ “Pariah,” is a story that’s rarely told/even though I live it. Films often examine the process/repercussions/heart of men dressing like women. This film talks about when a girl wonders whether she wants boxers or panties. It follows the life of a young, Black woman battling her family about her sexuality. If I wasn’t a young, Black woman; I’d still be impressed. But since I am, this film catapults itself into another realm for me. It is revolutionary because it’s never been done before, giving voice to a community that was once silenced. Seductively sad and ridiculously honest, this film reads like the church family it features. Dee Rees, already on her next project, “Eventual Salvation,” has the antennae of a poet. The director preaches to an audience/congregation and still has the finesse to avoid a didactical or accusatory tone. With every mishap/location/detail/character— from the cute curious girl in the bathroom to the old lady giving looks on the bus— Rees provides every perspective. She delineates obscure/ignored/denied lifestyles by embracing stereotypes in one scene—like opening in a strip club—then flipping the script in another— like when Laura becomes soft, and nurtures her friend in one of Pariah’s most powerful scenes. — Girlfriend Lee runs to best friend Laura after a fight with her family. Laura with the afro and the baggy jeans lives in what looks like a cave. Laura in the sports bra nurses her girlfriend’s wounds, lays Lee’s head in her lap and rubs her head. While Sparlha Swa’s voice charmed my tears like a snake. The relationship between Laura, played by Pernell Walker, and Lee, actress, Adepero Oduye, is the crux of this film. Their interactions illuminate the rest of the work’s success in challenging/questioning/embracing what it means to be a Black lesbian/dom/ femme/child/girl/friend.— The topic is sensitive but the characters remain approachable, like you are no longer a member of the laity but a, dare I say it, dyke. At best, strangely akin to a woman who knows who she is. I want a sequel. I want Laura and Lee to fall in love. I want her father to still be an asshole (oh wait! That would make it a movie bout my life). I want her sister to hang out with her girlfriend—and that’s the mark of a great film/ book/meal/ kind of love you rise up in. With Pariah, you are left satisfied, but standing like a dolphin clapping for more. -- reviewed by jade
Tagged on February 15, 2008
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