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Back to the Grind! Shopping Guide
Longing for that freshly-sharpened-pencil smell and the thrill of September shopping? This fall, get yourself—or your favorite schoolgirl—the perfect back-to-the-grind gift.
Tagged on July 10, 2008
Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Candy is dandy, but check out these nifty, alternative V-Day gifts.
Tagged on July 9, 2008
America's Most Captivating Couples
The results are in! After a grueling selection process, we’ve skimmed the sweet cream off this year’s batch of entries and whipped it into GO’s most captivating couples of 2008. Many more couples coming soon!
Tagged on July 9, 2008
For The Bible Tells Me So
I attended a mass viewing of a documentary called "For The Bible Tells Me So" last weekend.  If there ever were a film to recommend this is definitely it.  This film follows the lives of a few families who have a gay/lesbian son or daughter.  The film breaks down the coming out process of the gay and lesbian individuals being highlighted and the reactions of their "religious" families.  I have to say that this film touched my heart.  There were many times throughout that I had to fight back tears both from being able to relate to the individuals on screen and from just being a bit empathetic to their situations even without having had similar experiences of my own.  If you have ever questioned how true love between two adults of any gender can be an abomination or if the bible is simply nothing more than a tool for hate then this is the film for you to see.  This film was winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Seattle International Film Festival.  The film is an immensely entertaining and intense at times challenge to Christians everywhere who participate in the Church-Sanctioned anti-gay bias that is based solely on the gross misinterpretation of the Bible.  The film accurately notes the use of literal readings of particular scriptures to call for the mass hatred and mass persecution of a group of people while other scriptures in the same book are taken into the context of the time in which they were written.  This film makes an excellent point when bringing up the fact that you never see "Christians" out and about protesting, holding signs, and calling for killing or unequal rights for those who break laws throughout the bible like the consumption of shrimp, cutting their hair, going to church while menstruating, or working on the Sabbath.  Where is the logic?  If you have ever wondered then this is the film for you.  I have to say that there were some touching parts of this film on a more personal level as well.  Some of the families responded to their children coming out to them by letting them know that they loved them no matter what and would stick by them even if they didn't agree with their lifestyle.  I thought this was great despite the clear disagreement with the lifestyle.  I think that if parents at least commit to their obligations as a parent to love and support their child no matter what then at least there is hope for growth as opposed to those who chose to shun their children and have nothing to do with them like one of the parents in the film did.  That parent's child committed suicide after a period of time of being estranged from her family and her mother is now an activist for change.  It makes me a bit sad to think that it takes a child's death for some parents to step up and be parents to their children.   I hope that all of you buy the DVD when it comes out and send it to your parents it is a great film that makes some great points and is worth seeing if only for the information and point of view that it brings to light.  If you are interested in checking out the film then go to the website and see where the next showing is nearest you.  Just some highlights of the schedule... the fim is showing through November 2nd in Irvine, CA - Palm Springs, CA - San Fransisco, CA - Atlanta, GA - St. Louis, MO - Austin, TX - Dallas, TX - Houston, TX - Denver, CO and Minneapolis, MN and there are many more cities on the site.
Tagged on February 15, 2008