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I Heart Margaret
Margaret Cho is one of my favorite dykons. In this patriarchal, racist, homophobic society, a woman like Cho is a cool breeze on a muggy August afternoon. Known best for arguing about /advocating for equality, politics, body image, pop culture, and sexuality, this Korean-American comedienne always speaks the goddess’ honest truth on how we look, feel, and function in a culture that’s always judging, manipulating, and oppressing.   Besides being a bad-ass bitch, I idolize Margaret Cho for a myriad of reasons. I love Margaret because she is a fierce feminist and GLBTQ activist. Margaret is constantly advocating for equality on all levels. I enjoy Margaret because she is funny, bold, and provocative. Whether it’s on screen or on stage, with words or funny faces, Mrs. Cho always incites a riot of laughter on an array of subject matter. I adore Margaret because no matter what size jeans she’s sporting or how much her weight fluctuates, she embodies beautiful. In Cho’s eyes, there is no template for beauty, and she encourages every gal to embrace their bodies- tall, thin, fat, or short. I dig Margaret because she loves body art. As another huge fan of ink, I appreciate how Cho validates tattoos as sexy and feminine and an empowering form of self-expression. I respect Margaret because she is a minority woman who voices her politics, who isn’t afraid to talk about race, class, gender, sexuality or anything taboo. In fact, if it is taboo, then she is definetly talking about it, and so few people dare to challenge convention like she does. Most of all, I heart Margaret Cho because she is Queer with a capital Q, a lover of women, men, transgenders, transsexuals, and genderfucks. Before Margaret introduced me to “queer” as identity, I never knew how to define my sexuality, much less choose an orientation. I wasn’t straight because I was attracted to women, especially of the butch persuasion. I wasn’t a lesbian because I was still attracted to men. I hated using the term “bisexual” because binaries are so…well, binding. And let’s not even mention my affinity for transfolk.   Needless to say, I  am not an either/or kind of girl, and I’ve searched our everyday lexicon for so long for a word, a way to express my love for/attraction to all people, all genders. When I heard Margaret speak a few years ago about being queer, it hit me like a ton of rainbow-colored bricks. A (married) woman who liked gay/straight/trans boys and girls? That’s what I was- a big queer chick like Cho! For Margaret, there simply was no way to define her- or others like her. People like us couldn’t pick a team to play for, and dared to fall in love regardless of the genitalia at hand. Nothing fit better then “Queer”, an all-inclusive, non-gender discriminating sexuality impervious to categories, labels, or types. When Margret announced to the world that she was a queer woman, I felt like I found a famous sister in the struggle, like I was baptized with the holy spirit of queerness. Margaret Cho expresses queerness in all her endeavors. She expresses queer in her speech, in her style, in her stage antics, in all aspects of this sometimes surreal life. From acting in movies like Bam Bam and Celeste to hosting the “True Colors” tour to starring in her traveling show “Beautiful” and now in her new VH1 reality series The Cho Show, Margaret Cho illustrates the triumphs and troubles of a queer woman. She is an unapologetic, modern -day sexual outlaw in this Wild West world. Did Margaret create “queer” as identity? No. Did her sexy ass claim and celebrate it as her own? Yes. And for that, I learned to look in the mirror, love the space I take up, love the skin I’m in, love my crazy queer self. “The Cho Show” airs on VH1 on Thursday nights, 11pm.    
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Music: The True Colors Soundtrack
Tommy Boy/Silver Label
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What Cho Lookin' At?
Margaret gets feathery and fabulous in her spankin' new off-Broadway variety show.
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Extending The Olivia Branch
The grand dame of lesbian cruising celebrates the big 35 by successfully re-launching both on land and at sea. With A-list talent and new onshore excursions and special events, Olivia emerges as a travel and entertainment powerhouse for seafarers and landlubbers alike.
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tick tock it don't stop...
Alright, ladies, it's only my first post and already I’ve got a LOT of catching up to. As always, this city has about 19 too many things going on every night and I have spent the past few weeks trying to hit up each and every one. I'll try to keep things semi-recent and start with the GO! For The Cure party last Thursday, 10/18. The line-up was unbeatable with Margaret Cho and Michelle Paradise hosting, The Cliks performing, the YouTube "shoes" guy making a cameo and, apparently, Chris Pureka was somewhere in the audience? Of course, an open vodka bar is always a plus and Club Sol is a totally schmoozable, danceable, chillable place with super friendly staff. While at the party, I also ran into my pal Garrison Starr who was in town for a show at The Living Room on 10/24. Now, it's always great to see Garrison, but let me tell you: it's even greater when she calls me the next day and hooks me up with two free tickets to Margaret Cho's Sensuous Woman show! So I know that Margaret Cho is already ranked high within many of you GO! ladies' hearts. She's always so raunchy and witty and entertaining and all. This show, however, made me realize that this woman is an actual g-e-n-i-u-s. First off, the venue is tiny, to the point of kneeing the person's head in front of you inadvertently. This creates a sense of, shall we say, intimacy. Things get a whole lot more intimate as the show goes on- dancers mingle into the audience, lap dances are had, tittie tassels fly, confetti is thrown, dollar bills are eaten. I'm not kidding. This show is ridiculous. Do it to it- it's at The Zipper and she's only in town for one more week... The next night found me at the birthday party of one of my fabulously gay boys at Sugarland in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Formerly Capones, a dark divey bar with free pizza, Sugarland is now the hip spot in the hip part of town for, well, hip gays. The nice thing about hanging out at male gay bars is that you can dress as fabulously as you want, drink too much, chain smoke and booty dance all with the knowledge that no skeezeball frat guy is going to try to take you home. Sugarland's style actually struck me as rather dykey for a gay bar- unassuming, graffiti covered entrance, dark, small, small back porch for smoking. Of course, I was tipped off by the dancer on the bar wearing briefs and kneepads. Either way, fabulous location, excellent dance music by a lineup of rotating non-celebrity DJs and moderately priced drinks. Fast forward to this past Wednesday 10/24- Gay man halloween party at Lotus. Located on West 14th street, Lotus is a three story posh location with a lotus pond in the foyer, a bar on each level, a hair straightener for rent ($2=5 min!) in the bathroom, and NO room for dancing. Playing Jimmy Olson for the night was really the only way I was going to get anyone to pay attention to me- try being the only girl at the open bar of a gay man party and see how fast you become invisible... Well tonight it's round #3 with the gay man parties as I head out to yet another birthday party- this time at Vlada in Hell's Kitchen. Supposedly they have horseradish-infused vodka... friday night bloody mary here I come!
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Free Life Campaign 10/27