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Sneak Peek at LOVEBIRDS, the New Comedy Play by Marga Gomez
Premiering June 6 through June 15 at La MaMa Theatre in NYC
Sneak Peek at LOVEBIRDS, the New Comedy Play by Marga Gomez
Premiering June 6 through June 15 at La MaMa Theatre in NYC
Women Pioneers of the Arts Project of Cherry Grove
Discover the rich history of this cultural community of women on Fire Island
Getting Blunt with Whoopi
Entertainer shrugs off gay rumors, talks Moms Mabley and being claimed by the LGBT community
Dinah Vegas Rocks Its Third Annual Girls Weekend
girlbar and Truck Stop Girlz bring the heat to Vegas
Introducing the Drag Rapper Du Jour
Iggy Azalea on lame fake lesbians, hip-hop homophobia and safeguarding her gays
Cameron Diaz - The Real Thing
The star of The Other Woman, which opens nationwide April 25, talks about her sexuality and recalls lesbian action on the...
The Search for Sinead
How Sinead O Connor found herself - and how the gay community helped.
Timeless Tori Amos
Songstress talks gay fan affinity, the Disney song she inspired and still rocking at 50
The True Colors of Kathy Bates
Hollywood luminary talks lesbians, drag and Uma Thurman
Exclusive Interview with the Producer, Director and Cast Members of LOVE AND HUMAN REMAINS
Jen Rudolph, Clyde Baldo, Kerri Lynn Miller and Cassandra Paras chat with GO about this provocative, sexy, edgy play
The Search for Sinead
How Sinead O Connor found herself - and how the gay community helped.
Timeless Tori Amos
Songstress talks gay fan affinity, the Disney song she inspired and still rocking at 50
The True Colors of Kathy Bates
Hollywood luminary talks lesbians, drag and Uma Thurman
Exclusive Interview with the Producer, Director and Cast Members of LOVE AND HUMAN REMAINS
Jen Rudolph, Clyde Baldo, Kerri Lynn Miller and Cassandra Paras chat with GO about this provocative, sexy, edgy play
Exclusive Interview with the Producer, Director and Cast Members of LOVE AND HUMAN REMAINS
Jen Rudolph, Clyde Baldo, Kerri Lynn Miller and Cassandra Paras chat with GO about this provocative, sexy, edgy play
Sneak Peek at LOVEBIRDS, the New Comedy Play by Marga Gomez
Premiering June 6 through June 15 at La MaMa Theatre in NYC
Women Pioneers of the Arts Project of Cherry Grove
Discover the rich history of this cultural community of women on Fire Island
Getting Blunt with Whoopi
Entertainer shrugs off gay rumors, talks Moms Mabley and being claimed by the LGBT community
Dinah Vegas Rocks Its Third Annual Girls Weekend
girlbar and Truck Stop Girlz bring the heat to Vegas
Introducing the Drag Rapper Du Jour
Iggy Azalea on lame fake lesbians, hip-hop homophobia and safeguarding her gays
Cameron Diaz - The Real Thing
The star of The Other Woman, which opens nationwide April 25, talks about her sexuality and recalls lesbian action on the...
Exclusive Chat with Kristen Henderson of Antigone Rising
Founding member, guitarist and songwriter of Antigone Rising, talks about the bands new EPs, being a crowdfunding pioneer,...
Hear Me Out: The Latest from Beyonce, Jennifer Nettles and More
Beyonce scores big with new album, while Jennifer Nettles underwhelms
Hear Me Out: The Latest from Beyonce, Jennifer Nettles and More
Beyonce scores big with new album, while Jennifer Nettles underwhelms
Deep Inside Hollywood: New Projects from Michelle Rodriguez and Sandra Bernhard
What is next for Michelle Rodriguez and Sandra Bernhard - plus Sundance Film Festival
Exclusive: Romi Sets the Record Straight
It has been a wild year for Romi Klinger, who ended her run on the The Real L Word with a controversial wedding to a guy....
Dallas Buyers Club: The Unlikeliest of Love Stories
McConaughey and Leto talk inspirational HIV drama
Is One of You the Man...?
Inquiring minds still want to know, even if they know better.
Deep Inside Hollywood: New Projects from Guinevere Turner and Ellen DeGeneres
Guinevere Turner creeps up on you; Ellen DeGeneres keeps making new TV shows happen
Thinking Out Loud: The End of the Slippery Slope
Why same-sex marriage will not lead the way to goat weddings and polygamy
Carrie for the Queer Age
Chloe Grace Moretz talks gay brothers, queer take on classic and not being a lesbian (boo)
Carrie for the Queer Age
Chloe Grace Moretz talks gay brothers, queer take on classic and not being a lesbian (boo)
Thinking Out Loud: More Than Gay
The delicate balancing act of showing people that my life is not totally defined by my sexual orientation
Queen Dream
Janelle Monae on her gay inspiration, gender-bending and lesbian rumors
Queen Dream
Janelle Monae on her gay inspiration, gender-bending and lesbian rumors
Cruise with Dr. Maya Angelou at Olivias Equality and Leadership Summit
Award-winning poet to be keynote speaker on February 2014 excursion
Op-Ed: Meet Flat Phil
New social media campaign targets Big Tobacco marketing in NYC
My Gay Interview with Courtney Love
Scary straights, Kurt Cobains lesbian relative and being normal in some ways
The Po Show
Po Johnson steps into the spotlight with a new EP and big role on the current season of La Las Full Court Life
Thinking Out Loud: Still Waiting for a Great Lesbian Movie
28 years after Desert Hearts, lesbian cinema hasn’t changed much
No Homo? No Way
Homophobes in sports are being shown the door
Tough as Steel
Olympia Dukakis on her new lesbian role - and why it is made her feel less rosy about gay rights
The Unsung Stories of Merry Clayton & Darlene Love
The world called them backup singers. We called them stars.
Thinking Out Loud: DOMA is Still Here
But if you want to know how we’ll get full marriage equality anyway, just ask conservative Justice Scalia
She Is So Unbelievable
Iconic pop star Cyndi Lauper on being touched by Tony win and standing up for her gay fans
The New-Old Sound of America
Melissa Ferrick chats with GO about her rootsy sound, her tour this year and the one thing she ca not live without on the road
Thinking Out Loud: Cuba, I am proud of you!
It is happening here, it is happening there, it is happening regardless of politics.
Creep of the Week: Tony Perkins
Family Research Council honcho loves anti-gay laws, hates gun control
Dressing the Gentlewoman
Queer masculine fashion houses are popping up everywhere, and dare we say it is about time
Creep of the Week: Diocese of Columbus
How big of an asshole do you have to be to run to the school with an obituary of a teacher’s mother in order to get her fired?
Behind the Candelabra
Director talks Liberace biopic and why he is proud to call it his last film ... for now
Thinking Out Loud: Straightening Up at the Boy Scouts Of America
It is time for the BSA to take a tip from its own handbook
A Shot of Love
The Semenette could revolutionize the pregnancy process for lesbian couples
Afternoons, Evenings and Mysterious Props with JD Samson
The MEN mastermind celebrates a successful year at the Rusty Knot
Afternoons, Evenings and Mysterious Props with JD Samson
The MEN mastermind celebrates a successful year at the Rusty Knot
Deep Inside Hollywood
Sara Gilbert, Elton John and More
Thinking Out Loud: Waiting for History
What the Supreme Court marriage cases will mean for equality
Dido Thanks You
The Brit singer-songwriter on her loyal gay following, anger issues and her first album in five years
Click N Buy Gift Guide
No matter where you are spending the holidays this year, do not arrive empty-handed
Precious Pooch of the Month
... and her magnificent mommy
Precious Pooch of the Month
... and her magnificent mommy
Click N Buy Gift Guide
No matter where you are spending the holidays this year, do not arrive empty-handed
Leaders of The Pack
Meet inspiring women forging ahead in the arts, spirituality, health, human rights and more
The Very Best of New York 2012
Where to eat, shop and play in the greatest city in the world
Yetta Announces Candidacy for NY City Council
Attorney and GO legal columnist Yetta Kurland runs for Quinns seat
Books: Beautiful Wreck: Sex, Lies & Suicide
GO contributor Stephanie Schroeders harrowing, but hopeful, memoir
Science Knowledge Not Required
"Legitimate rape" candidate Akin sits on committee that controls Fed funding for scientific research
Frenchie Speaks Out
Voice finalist gets serious about her sexuality and talks upcoming albu
Gay Ugandans: Loud and Proud
Activist speaks out against her countrys tradition of homophobiaand for progress towards LGBT rights
Last Butch Standing
Lea DeLaria takes over NY
Wet: A Yacht Event for Women
Cabana Yacht at the New York Skyport, Marina East, Aug 18
Q&A with Marina and the Diamonds
Starlet talks big gay following, slutty second self and how Britney Spears inspired her new album
Bitter and Better
GO chats with singer/actor Lea DeLaria
Shooting for the Stars
What Sally Ride taught me about our worldand beyond
The OutField: LGBT Sports Summit Brings Champions Together
Nike-sponsored confab decides game plan for achieving equality in athletics
Show Girl
Gina Gershon on her crotch close-up and how its cool to play gay now
Spin Doctor
Lisa Pittman, the DJ/promoter behind Shedonism, talks style, fame, and why Vegas is the new it-place for lesbians
Rachael Sage is in the Mood
The poetic songwriter reveals her muse before her July 26 show
Keeping Up with Doxi Jones
The pop darling gives us the scoop on her upcoming album
Screen Queen: New DVDs
Sister Act 2, Sarah Silverman, Evita and More
Interview with The Sensational Josephine Bakers Cheryl Howard
The playwright and actor reveals the facets of Bakers tumultuous career
Lezzie faves Antigone Rising and Michelle Malone at the Bitter End
The two acts join forces for a live mashup
The Many Dimensions of Katy Perry
Pop star talks new 3D film, her faux lesbian bent and fighting hate with love bullets
Greta Gerwig: The New Gay-Loved Girl
Actress talks gay fake-out in new film, preference for gay boyfriends and filling Lizas shoes
Every Dyke is a Hero
New York City Dyke March celebrates 20 years
Brandi Carlile Kids Around
Singer talks new album, career epiphany and how even lesbians have chickens and horses
The Trouble with Adam Lambert
Pop star talks novelty of his homosexuality, being an unfit role model and his peculiar sex toy
Jenni and Lisas Excellent Adventure
San Francisco couple travels the world in search of Supergays
Carole Pope: Not Going Gently (Part 2)
Part two of an exclusive interview with the Canadian rock provocateur
Carole Pope: Not Going Gently
Part one of an exclusive interview with the Canadian rock provocateur
Melissa Etheridge (Kind Of) Opens Up
Rocker talks about life after her ex, getting remarried and her upcoming album
GMHC Marks 30 Years of Fighting HIV/AIDS
The most pressing public health issue of our time is far from over
Out From Under
Bully director and lesbian teen talk controversial documentary
Book Review: Coral Glynn
There is a dark delicacy to this semi-gothic sixth novel by Peter Cameron
Book Review: Outlaw Marriages
The Hidden Histories of Fifteen Extraordinary Same-Sex Couples
Book Review: Through the Door of Life: a Jewish Journey between Genders
Joy Ladins memoir follows her path from unhappy little boy to Orthodox woman
Book Review: Voyagers of the Titanic: Passengers, Sailors, Shipbuilders, Aristocrats, and the Worl
Richard Davenport-Hines recalls those whose fates are intertwined on the doomed voyage
Music Review: The Ting Tings
Sounds from Nowheresville goes, well, nowhere
Book Review: Conversations and Cosmopolitans: Awkward Moments, Mixed Drinks, and How a Mother and So
Gay son Robert and straight mom Jane share a funny, honest double memoir
GLAAD Awards Recap
Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, Pariah, Dancing with the Stars and Katy Butler honored at 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards
Theater Review: Asylum
Cheril N. Clarkes timely play debuts at HEREs Downtown Urban Theater Festival
Q&A with Kate Clinton
The legendary comedian talks elections, pissing off right-wingers and her responsibility to be political
Number One on the Ones and Twos: DJ Mary Mac
This female DJ put a new spin on the record industry with 20 years experience at the hottest international venues and labels.
Book Review: Shine
By Lauren Myracle
Book Review: Camptown Ladies
By Mari SanGiovanni
Death Be Not Proud: Cynthia Nixon Nails Mortality in Wit
Controversial co-star of Sex and the City plays a dying English professor in Broadway revival
Precious Pussy of The Month
Kabuki and her mom Esther Zinn
The Shot and The Quote
Donal Trump and Ricky Gervais
Advice: Protecting my Partner though my will
My children might challenge my will
V-Day Gift Guide
Hot items that will melt her heart
Review: Times Square International Theatre Festival
Cultures collide and forge understanding in experimental theater showcase
EXCLUSIVE: Rose Troche Wraps New Film
GO Gets Details on Dramatic Movie from L Word Director/Writer
Book Review: Girl Hunter: Revolutionizing the Way We Eat, One Hunt at a Time
No, its not about cruising the bar sceneits about dinner.
Theater Review: The Philanderer
Gender roles (and some gender-bending) in old London rock the house of Ibsen
Janet McTeer Plays Gender-Queer in Oscar-Nominated Albert Nobbs
The two-time Academy Award nominee talks about her role in the acclaimed period drama set in 19th century Ireland
Book review: Tuesday Night Miracles
by Kris Radish (Bantam Books)
Sheer Genius
Review: Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston
Satirists in Need of Superheroes
The Slope kicks off Kickstarter campaign
Single in the City: Its Not You, Its Me: Dispelling the Dump
With Hurricane Irene on the loose and about to impact New York this weekend, I feel it’s important to talk about another tragic natural disaster that leaves pain and suffering in its wake: dumping. Let’s face it, dumping, breaking up...
Single in the City: On the Prowl: Rainbow Sins
Recently, being single for me felt less like burning in hell/going to the dentist and actually started becoming…fun? I was thinking the other day about tackling a new subject in SIC: nightlife. It makes sense, right? On some level or another,...
Single in the City: Whats Your Sign?
I figured this would be a good time to talk about astrological signs on my blog…because I’m secretly a hippie, and I think they matter. This is what I know about women and astrology, according to signs…and I’ll do it in...
Single in the City: New York State Assembly Approves Same-Sex Marriage
The New York state Assembly approved same-sex marriage on Wednesday, voting 80 to 63 in favor of the marriage equality bill introduced by Governor Andrew Cuomo. The bill will still face a vote in the Senate on Friday, where it only needs support...
Single in the City: Matchmaker, Matchmaker
My most recent dating adventure involved meeting with a professional matchmaker. Well-respected and renowned for her matching prowess, I figured it was time to pull out all the stops and get down to business on fixing my love life– to become...
Single in the City: Just Friends
In some unwritten, immutable law of lesbian physics, in the rare event I meet someone I feel compatible and have fun with, we have a great time for like a month, then we’re “just friends” as usual. I’ve received feedback...
Single in the City: Night Bleeder, Night Bleeder
Last week was utterly fab with Jersey Laura. I can’t even begin to describe the extent of which nothing terrible happened, and fun was had by all. On one night, she surprised me by taking me to an Indian restaurant with a live Sitar player,...
Single in the City: Jersey GirlsBest in the World
I once noticed, while waiting for NJ transit to ferry me to the safety of New York, that the official seal of the great state of New Jersey is in fact an artist’s representation of two women seductively eyeing each other, their hands moving...
Single in the City Dykes to Watch Out For: The Red Flags
For this holiday season, I am giving you a present: advice on how to spot the red flags of gay dating.The best way to avoid becoming the lead in a bad lesbian drama is to never find yourself in it to begin with. When you go on that first date with...
Single in the City: Freaks Bearing Gifts Dildo Shopping Tips for the Holidays
As the holidays descend upon us all, I’m reminded of an ex who bought me dildos for every single holiday of the year throughout the course of our entire relationship. Somehow, my straight friends think it’s hilarious that this woman had...
In a hilarious turn of events, GO sent me to investigate the Menorah Horah show at The Highline Ballroom last weekend. And in order to prevent me from bowing at any more Rabbis, they even sent me with my own Jewish chaperone, Lauren Golfer! Have you...
Single in the City: My Inappropriate Crush on Sarah Palin
I can’t hide it anymore. After a long struggle with guilt and shame, I’ve finally decided to come out of the closet…about my sexual attractions towards Sarah Palin, whom I unfortunately find quite the MILF. Would I ever vote for...
Single in the City: Money Can Buy Love
I recently went on a date with a woman named Roxy, whom I met online. There I was at the appointed time, waiting outside of the cafe we decided to meet at, scanning the horizon for my date. Finally, a hooded silhouette emerged from the shadows. ...
Dont Pull That Trigger
Flick fizzles when it should fire
When Sexuality and Cultures Collide
An Interview with Circumstance Director Maryam Keshavarz
A Queer Fish
An Interview with The Fish Child star Ines Efron and director Lucia Puenzo
Ending is a New Beginning
Filmmaker Nicole Conn looks back at her 20-year career
Heroin to Heroine
Hole drummer Patty Schemel opens up to GO about her new film Hit So Hard
Sticks and Stoned
Hole drummer Patty Schemel lets loose in new documentary
Who's Afraid of Vagina Wolf? (Not Us!)
Support an all-lesbian parody of the classic black comedy
One Woman, 48 States
Photographer Jicky hits the road and shares a slideshow of Americas wide open spaces
Dev & The Cataracs' frontwoman talks about her musical rise from Myspace to The Dinah's stage and the top of the Billboard charts
The Armory Show 2011 Dazzles Midtown
One of the world's top art showcases celebrates its 13th year
Janes AddictionsAnd How She Ditched Them
HLN host and bestselling author Jane Velez-Mitchell chats with GO about her new book on American overconsumption and her...
The Dream of the '90s Is Alive in Portlandia
Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen love layer-appropriate weatherand their jobs.
The Year of the [Sad] Rabbit
Chris Pureka kicks off 2011 with a U.S. tour and her own record label, Sad Rabbit Music.
Preview: Jan Bell & The Maybelles
Urban cowgirls play in New York City
Stand-up standout Sandra Bernhard talks Tea Party, Twitter and teen suicide with her raucous brand of totally untamed candor
Vote 2010
LGBT Equality at a Crossroads in the Midterm Elections
I Heart Brooklyn Girls 2011 Calendar Release Party
2010 Calendar Launch Party for I Heart Brooklyn Girls at Southpaw
Miss LEZ Pageant 2010
Photos from the 2010 Miss LEZ Pageant at the Knitting Factory Brooklyn
Grand Central Flash Mob
Images of the Queer SOS Flash Mob "DIE-IN" at Grand Central Station, which protested lack of LGBT equality and the anti-gay...
NYC Glowlight Vigil To Honor LGBT Suicide Victims
LGBT advocates will gather in Washington Square Park in memory of lost teens
Stud Finder
Butch Voices Conference Forges Community Bonds
Out Lesbian Michelle C. Bonilla Delivers Her Debut Short Film
Bonilla extends her craft as Executive Producer and Scriptwriter
Movie Premiere: These Showers Can Talk
GO Magazine was on the scene at RF Lounge where Hana with girlNATIONnyc hosted the exclusive movie release party for These...
Chef Yoanne Magris Dishes It Out on The Food Network's
Renowned NYC Chef Yo whets our appetite with tasty tales of how she got her savior faire...
More Than Just a Cherry-Bomb
GO's Abby Tallmer Reviews the new rock-and-roll biopic, "The Runaways"
The Art of Anachronism
A review of musical artist Sabrina Chap's newest creation, OOMPA!
Tracy Young Tells All
DJ Tracy Young Stopped by for a chat about her career, her future plans, and what it felt like to see herself in tabloids
Exclusive Interview: KE$HA
KE$HAs single Tik Tok took the country by storm and landed a number one spot on the charts. In this exclusive interview...
Exclusive Interview: KE$HA
KE$HAs single Tik Tok took the country by storm ...
GO Magazine's 4th Annual Readers' Choice Nightlife
Our Nightlife Awards at M2 UltraLounge were a huge success! Thanks everyone for coming! 
Eden Moves to The Gates!
The fabulous New York City Wednesday party Eden, a flavorful staple of the local lesbian nightlife thrown by Maggie C...
Meet German Lesbian Secret Agent Stahl. Emma Stahl.
Emma Stahl, a new German webseries, is redefining the image of the femme fatale with thrills and style, through a...
Confessions of an Anyone But Me Addict
“Hi, my name is Gemma. I’m addicted to Anyone But Me. For the record, I was addicted before Zachary Quinto jumped on the bandwagon and declared it was his addiction. Also, long before Liza Weil decided she ‘”wanted her ABM,...
Thousands Protest NY Senate's Marriage Vote
New Yorkers protest the Senate's rejection of same-sex marriage.
Interview: Jane Velez-Mitchell
GO's exclusive interview with the Emmy award-winning television news journalist and host of HLNs Issues with Jane...
From Riot Grrrls to Rocker Grrrls
Rebecca Perkins tells GO about her summer
LA's Boobytrap Party Comes East
GO sits down with Boobytrap founder Kim Anh to chat about the difference between the NY and LA lesbian scenes and their new...
Music Review: The Sounds, Crossing The Rubicon
GO reviews the Swedish sensation's third album
Exclusive Q & A With Melissa Ferrick
GO's Kathleen Warnock catches up with Ferrick about life on the road and her new album
L Word Recap: Season 6 Episode 5
Our guest blogger Quinn recaps all the latest drama!
L Word Recap: Season 6 Episode 4
Our guest blogger Quinn recaps!
Theatre Review: Wickets
A new comedy in NYC set inside an airplane
Lauren LoGiudice's Queens Girl
A coming-of-age one-woman show about a girl from Queens
Inside Austin's Kings N Things! An interview with Cherry Poppins
bug davidson chats with the producer of Austin's premier drag king troupe
Movie Review: Saving Marriage
Mike Roth and John Hennings new documentary about the fight in Massachusetts to save marriage equality
Film: I Can't Think Straight
Director Shamim Sarifs new lesbian must-see comedy
Film: Tru Loved
Stewart Wade's new romantic comedy for gays and their allies
DVD: Finn's Girl
Review of the new film from Laurie Colbert and Dominique Cardona. On DVD now through Wolfe video.
True Colors of The Michigan Womyn's Music Festival
GO Correspondent Katie sings the praises of MichFest
The Lesbian Lounge
This online radio show is taking over the gay airwaves...
Out Artist on the Rise: In Deepest Sleep
The NYC-based out lesbian trio combine acoustic music and punk rock riffs.
Film: XXY
Argentine Filmmaker Lucia Puenzo examines gender ambiguity as it relates to desire and identity in her intriguing feature debut.
Chew On This
An interview with Chicago's hottest queer female MC.
Theater: Expatriate
Now Playing at Culture Project, 55 Mercer Street @ Broome Street, 212-925-1900, CultureProject.org.
Miss Lez Pageant '08
The 8th Annual Miss Lez Pageant rocked the Zipper Factory in NYC on Saturday Night!
I Love U People
A review of the new film from Olive Demetrius and Hanifah Walidah.
Film: Searching For Sandeep
Review of the new documentary from Australian filmmaker Poppy Stockell.
Julie Gold Gets Personal, From A Distance
Catch Julie Golds final Duplex performance on June 6, and in the meantime, here are a few words of wisdom from her talk...
No, No, Nanette
Review of the (now closed) new production of No, No, Nanette at the City Center.
Interview: Director Celine Sciamma Makes a Splash at Cannes with Water Lilies
GO talks to Sciamma about her new film, that has received rave reviews world wide.
Gay Bi Gay Gay at The SxSW Music Festival
Bug Davidson gives you a first hand account of South By South West's homo-friendly space.
Lucas Silveira from The Cliks On LA Ink
The Clik's frontman to get inked by Kat Von D on LA Ink.
Get Away To Martha's Vineyard!
Elope to one of the gay-friendliest on earth with a crowd of your favorite people.
GO For The Cure Tour Comes To Brooklyn
Girlz in the Hood bursts onto the scene Saturday March 1st showcasing jammin female rockstars, DJs, and mixologists.
The Cliks at the Knitting Factory!
"While I was blown away by the musicality of The Cliks set, their stage presence and band energy was captivating and contagious..."
Music: Sia - Some People Have Real Problems
Having recently admitted to having a girlfriend, there's little indie pop singer Sia can do to not catch our eyes and ears...
Theater: Jack of Tarts
"Playing at La MaMa e.t.c at 74 E. 4th Street, in lower Manhattan through February 17th, Jack of Tarts takes a bitter topic...
Happy Valentine's Day! You Have Cancer.
Interview with star of stage and screen Kristin Carr about her battle with cancer and her new film, Crazy, Sexy, Cancer.
All The Kings Men
A Look Inside Bostons Premier Drag Troupe!
Ill Take Her, Baby!
A review of Idina Menzel's I Stand
Piaf: Love Conquers All - The Soho Playhouse
A brilliant new play about the life and music of the French songstress...
Rebecca Drysdale is a Time Traveling Lesbian
Lesbian comedian Rebecca Drysdale's new online series takes us through time...
An Interview With Sophie B. Hawkins
The Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover, singer talks to GO about love, life and her future plans.
The 2007 Emery Awards and After Party!
Don't miss the 21st Annual Emery Awards or the After Party!
GO For the Cure Tour Party Pictures!
Check Out Part 1 of GO's Pics From Our Cure Tour '08 KIck-Off Party on October 18, 2007. Keep checking back for more!
Beebo Brinker Chronicles Extended Run
The off-off broadway production of the Beebo Brinker Chronicles has extended its sold-out run.
Lea Delaria Q & A
Lea Delaria, exclusively for gomag.com!
Lea Delaria Q & A
Lea Delaria, exclusively for gomag.com!
All You Need is Love... and Politics
Democratic Presidential candidates share their views on LGBT issues
Whats Cookin, Good Lookin?
Sandee Birdsong is the newest out lesbian to compete on Top Chef
Just Give A Girl A Bike
Karen Perrine grew up day dreaming about, admiring and taking photos of motorcycles. Now, she is the president of New York's...
Q&A with Rachael Sage
GO reporter Maria Woehr sits down with Rachael Sage to discuss her new album (tentatively named "Chandelier"), the places...
Q&A With Kate Bornstein
Bornstein, who was born a man 59 years ago, and reborn as a woman about 20 years ago, talks about her book, her new play,...
It's Big, It's Gay & It's Funny As Hell
The Big Gay Sketch Show on Logo is the first and only sketch show for and by the LBGT community. Directed by long-time LBGT...
Sadie Benning: Play Pause at The Whitney
Some readers may remember Sadie Benning as a former member of Le Tigre—she was one of the band’s original co-founders—but I know her as a video artist first and foremost. At the age of fifteen, Benning began making videos with a...
Get Your Feminist On
Ever wish you had a rad group of women to help you with all those projects you dream up? This weekend, feminist creative collective For The Birds is offering up a festival of ideas and discussions on just that. The 4th annual The Big She Bang...
Aqua Girl 2009
We caught all the action!
GO Mag Does Dinah 2009!
We were there...were you? Check out pics from GO's visit to Palm Springs for the fabulous Dinah Shore weekend! More pictures...
The L Word Series Finale Leaves it all to the Imagination
I wish I could tell you that what happened last night was not actually The L Word series finale. I wish I could tell you that the characters and storylines developed over six years met with a sense of closer. I WISH, that last night’s extended...
The L Word Season 6 Is A Dance To The Death
Now, this was the second to last episode of the ENTIRE L Word series right? This was the second to last episode of the ENTIRE series and it was told through the art of dance. Do I need to say that again? WOW, First I was afraid, I was petrified....
L Word Recap: Cheaters Never Prosper On The L Word Episode 6
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, someone once said. They we're obviously not a lesbian. After two weeks away in London, I noticed strange new feelings while catching up with the ladies of The L Word. Where I used to experience rage at the sight...
Lessons in Lesbian Social Etiquette from The L Word Season Six
So, why is everyone so surprised that Shane and Jenny are finally doin it? Have we forgotten the premise of this show is that lesbians have a lot of sex with each other? Remember the chart? Seriously, if “Shenny” hadn’t followed...
The L Word Keeps us Guessing In Episode 2.
I’ve just had a tasty waffle for breakfast. My beautiful waffle was offered to me by my lovely friend D’arcy and as I am not a self centered jerk like Jenny Schecter, I accepted. Just two episodes in to what was supposed to be a Jenny...
The L Word Gets Back to Basics in Season Six.
I’m hung over on a Monday morning, which can only mean the new season of The L Word has begun. This being a final season hang over, you will have to bear with me through this. I woke up this morning with a vague recollection of last night...
Change & rEvolution for 2009: The Riot Grrrl Ink Show @ Sugarland
If only every company could be like Riot Grrrl Ink...queer-centered, grassroots, and totally dedicated to producing/supporting art that is radical, political, marginalized, and non-conventional. RGI –the largest LGBTQ label in the world- is...
The Real (Queer) World
I’ve always had a problem defining my sexuality. I dated men until I was 23, and then only women since then. Newly single and enjoying this solitude of being, I find myself holding onto “queer” as a sexual identity tighter then...
Prop 8 Protest NYC
Check out GO's Photos from New York City's protest against Proposition 8 on November 15
YES WE (Still) CAN: Fighting Proposition H8
You know the feeling you get at the bottom of your stomach when your ex tells you s/he is getting married? You are so happy s/he finally found the “one”- but you’re upset that “one” wasn’t you.  This feeling...
3way on a saturday night in Chicago
     And by 3-way I mean the TV show that’s not on TV.  It’s on the net. So Saturday night I decided to check out Reeling Film Festival’s 3way screening/after party (thanks angelique!).  I had no idea...
Shescape - Halloween in NYC
Shescape has to be hands down one of the best seasonal and special occasion party promoters in New York City. They lesbians parties around all the major holidays. Key events include Pride, Fire Island Dodgeball, Labor Day, and many more. In the...
Babies Are The New Black
There must be something in the water. Or maybe it’s the election frenzy that’s bringing hope to people, promising a new beginning after eight horrendous years of Bush. And speaking of bush, it seems women around me are getting knocked up...
Dear Chicago Nightlife,
Dear Chicago nightlife, I miss you. I've been MIA and this is why : I've been hurting and you know what doesn’t feel good? Getting stabbed in the hair, twice. Or alternatively once in the face and then once in the hair. I mean I imagine it...
Tennessee Williams' Small Craft Warnings
Tennessee Williams does not write short plays. He does not write plays that are easily digested and he does not write plays that are meant solely to amuse. His characters are not simple, though they may appear so when first introduced. Small...
Friday Night At A New Spot ended up at a Classic New York Lesbian Standby
Showstopper a once a month party at the trendy space BLVD in the Pink room is a good concept, but just doesn't draw the crowd needed for a good dance party. $10 cover was a waste, as the drinks inside were the same price. Don't get me wrong, I don't...
Beating the Blues at Bluestockings
Sometimes I hate the world. At times I wish it would spontaneously combust. I hate that there are millions of starving people around the globe when I see perfectly good food go to waste and girls starving themselves to be skinny. I hate that today...
The 2008 VMA Eye Candy Awards
Am I the only queer that still tunes in year after year to watch the MTV Video Music Awards? Not that this particular awards show targets/caters to the GLBTQ community in any way, but as 21st century homo sapiens, can we really turn our faces to...
Queer Activism--meet your new friend, Branding.
Tim Gill is a wealthy, white, male US citizen. One can only imagine the endless privilege available to someone like him. The fact that he is a wealthy, white, gay male, US citizen of course compromises his access to every privilege extended through...
Eden @ Union Square Lounge downstairs Coffeeshop
Finally a breath of fresh air in the New York scene!  We have gone too long without a home for lesbians who are gorgeous, have money and know how to party.  While the spot has a lounge atmosphere and is a cozy size, it was quite packed...
Jersey City's Pride
At summer’s end, most of us queer folks have had a good fill of Pride fun. We’ve pretty much covered the Pride basics for the year:  rocked the rainbow flags, re-connected with old friends, made out drunkenly with ex’s, and...
Why I get "Catty" on Fridays
The moment my eyes flitter open Friday morning, I think “Cherry-Popping & Frisky”. As odd as it is for my first thoughts to be bacchanalian, I look forward to the first evening of the weekend to get into social butterfly mode. No...
Gay Marriage, My Mother, and Gossip's Beth Ditto
Ya'll don't know my mom. Mother's day is as important to her as Christmas is to a seven year old. She loves to Mom. Let's turn 'Mom' into a verb for second. When it comes to gay civil rights issues, she adores Moming me and all my friends. She...
The 2008 Dyke March
Pictures from this year's Dyke March In NYC!
The things you say when you meet Clea Duvall - Los Angeles
Uh uh, (clears throat). Ahem, so if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know that I’m the co-producer of this Rhapsody series called “Rock-Star Guide to the Galaxy”. Uh huh. Well, so we're in LA to work with this...
Los Angeles Pride
Another year, another Los Angeles Pride weekend has come and gone.  Friday marked the beginning of a rainbow filled party extravaganza.  Friday evening was the notable dyke march.  I was unable to attend but the festivities were held...
The Girls of Los Angeles
Los Angeles by far has the biggest selection of women. Lipsticks, dykes, bois, girls-next-door, you name it. Already a highly fashionable town, it is actually quite hard to distinguish a lesbian in a non-gay setting. Everyone, gay and straight,...
KIN give surprise free show at HK Lounge
  Picture the scene: HK Lounge, Wednesday night, wall-to-wall Chelsea gay boys.   The usual.   Now, add Lesbian rap duo KIN to the party and suddenly the situation is just a little more fresh, right? The surprise free show on...
Gay St. and Gay bashing Baltimore, MD
Who knew that there’s a Gay street in Baltimore? I was so excited about this bizarre urban planning decision that I risked life and limb to capture an image of the sign from a speeding vehicle – twice. I wish SF had a Gay St. But I&rsquo...
The Judgement of Paris is Decadent and Dark
  In an art world saturated with Post-Modernism and memoir, the beautiful depiction of a classic story is a refreshing departure.   Performed on the scaffolding-lined stage beyond the glass façade of the theater at 303 Bond...
Standing Clear: A comedy about the distance we put between us on the subway
The average New Yorker spends more time per week on the subway than they do eating. It’s a space where, for even just a few minutes, folks of all walks of life are physically pushed into each other and forced to at least be aware of one...
Going on Gaycation in Portland, Oregon
Running around Portland with Nathan/Brace of the band Gossip was as much fun as one of those all day party trolleys (a San Fransisco special treat) filled with radical people and rock stars. Unfortunately Beth couldn't make the Ringside for dinner;...
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Dinah Shore 2008 Photo Album!
Keeping checking back for more from GO Mag's trip to Dinah Shore '08!
Rockstar Guide to the Galaxy with Brace Paine of Gossip - Portland, Oregon
“Get it while it’s hot.” And hot it was. Kickin it in Portland with Gossip during the west coast heat wave. We were in town to film the next episode of Rhapsody's Rockstar Guide to the Galaxy with Brace Paine. (you can check out...
Film: Vier Minuten (Four Minutes)
From the moment I began to watch, Vier Minuten had me by the wrists. This German film is the story of Traude Krüger (Monica Bleibtreu), a resigned and bitter older woman teaching piano at a women's prison, and her most unlikely star...
Portishead's new album, 4/29/08
  Portishead’s new album is the soundtrack for danger.     Think back to 1997 for a second. Alanis Morrisette is on her Jagged Little Pill world tour. Tony Blair has just been appointed prime minister of the United Kingdom....
A Conversation with Nekisa Cooper, producer of Pariah
QFR caught up with "Pariah" producer, Nekisa Cooper. Now at work, on making a feature of the popular short, she was able to sit down and answer some of our questions! Her film, Pariah, recently went to the Sundance Film Festival. It is...
The Los Angeles Lesbian Scene
A quick introduction of myself, I am known as The Godfather. Close to a year ago, I created a Los Angeles based blog called Boxed Lunch: LA Lesbian Scene which focuses on the lesbian scene here in Los Angeles. I usually post daily...
27 Rue de Fleurus: A New Musical
Last weekend, I checked out a Saturday performance of a new off-Broadway musical, 27 Rue de Fleurus, which tells the story of the relationship between trailblazing writer and philosopher Gertrude Stein and her lifelong partner, Alice B. Toklas,...
Carla Cantrelle's Looking Up
 How many times have we learned the lesson, lived the lesson, ignored the lesson of love? That lesson being, of course, that absolute, unflinching commitment is essential to success. No matter how many movies have fed this to us, we...
New band, new EP, old friend. Bitch plays Bowery.
  A surprisingly satisfying musical combination came together this past Saturday night at The Bowery Ballroom. Having just seen Shortbus, I was curious to see how the pretty-faced Jay Brannan and the appropriately righteous Bitch would make...
TOSHI REAGON: The First Line of the Revolution
Igniting the television show The L Word with her blues performance, Toshi Reagon reminds the viewer that great media require collaboration. As Reagon fuses her unique sound, Black, Bold, and Queer, with The L Word’s cast and crew she...
A Conversation with Cynthia Wade, Oscar Nominated filmmaker
QueerFilmReview.com interviews Cynthia Wade; the Oscar nominated director of FREEHELD, a documentary short which examines New Jersey Police Lieutenant Laurel Hester’s pioneering legal battle to shift her pension to her domestic partner, Stacie...
A good cup of coffee
We know the rules. Friday night is for happy hour, Saturday night is for dancing, Sunday night is L-word night and Monday through Thursday night are good-girl, order-Chinese-delivery, play-with-your-lonely-cats, be-in-bed-by-11pm nights.   ...
From the Closet To The Rooftop: A Review of Pariah, a film by Dee Rees and Nekisa Cooper
source: QueerFilmReview.com Two girlfriends ride the bus home from the club. It’s late, the bus’s lighting is dim. They joke, they laugh about who they saw and what numbers they got. The bus stops, doors creak and...
Good times on the Lower East Side?!
Things to be avoided at all costs: 1.Poison oak 2.Rush hour on the 4 train 3.Seafood from the Midwest And…   4.The bar scene on the Lower East Side.   The above statements were all firmly held beliefs of mine until a...
Crosses, Porn Shops, Fire works and Ammunition! (my trip from NYC to LA)
I have been heading cross-country for the 4th time in 3 years, not for a casual vacation but for the fast four day commute from NYC to LA.  Unlike most I love it.  Alone with nothing but my diet coke and the open road.  Each time has...
Eye Candy: it's what's for brunch
It’s Sunday morning. You have mascara smeared into your pillow, a headache stronger than the double Manhattans you were drinking last night and you could swear you have never before in your life seen this girl sleeping next to you in your bed....
My Favorite Lesbian Comic!!!!!!
Have you ever wanted to be the one saying “oh I saw that girl before she was famous” Well don’t miss out on catching Bridget McManus. She can be seen all over town including Fridays at the Comedy Store. She’ll also be...
Weekly comedy show in the LB!
Ripples one of Long Beach’s oldest gay clubs is now the host of a weekly comedy show. Every Tuesday Cochino brings in the best talent from the southern California area. Although the host is a Breeder, if you will, he creates a great ...
HRC L Word Premiere Party Pics!
Check out pictures from the GO sponsored L Word Premiere party at Pacha!
New Year, New Beginnings, New Drama...
  Hello and Happy New Year NYC ladies! Like many of you, I am SO grateful to have made it through yet another holiday season and into the New Year. With 2008 comes a few different things: more time to party without holiday interruptions,...
Piaf: Love Conquers All - The Soho Playhouse
Yesterday evening, I had the privilege to attend an 8pm performance of Piaf: Love Conquers All at the Soho Playhouse. A one woman-play starring Canadian actress Naomi Emmerson and written by Roger Pearce, Piaf is a truly exquisite and...
UkaLadys PonyShow
UkaLady’s PonyShow!? What? That’s exactly what I thought when I first heard about this show. Hosted by Thessaly Lerner AKA The Ukalady this is like no other variety show you’ve seen before. With the voice of a manic 9 year girl...
Weekly Girl Party in LA
What's happening in LA?  Now we have the tons of events in West Hollywood, for those who love to be part of the scene.  Lets face it we all love to be part of the scene, but for a taste of  something different you need to head on out...
DIZZY at Galapagos Art Space - DJ JD Samson
Woke up and realized my cell phone is M.I.A. this morning ... gonna have to blame that on Williamsburg's Galapagos Art Space and the bartenders who take "make it strong" to heart. JD Samson (of Le Tigre, New England Roses, and of her own...
Count-down to New Year's Eve
New Years is always a toss-up on the fun-to-sucks spectrum, and for queers the conundrum is often multiplied.  And the annual question remains: where to be at midnight? The options include: - Small cocktail party of gay-friendly yet...
Curl Girls Sneak Peeks Across the USA!!
Check out pics from Curl Girls events sponsored by GO!
Ms. LEZ Pageant 2007
Pictures from the 7th Annual Ms. Lez Pageant hosted by Murray Hill!
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